Monday, December 2, 2013

Sweet Echoes

You know what they say about kiddos... they will indeed repeat what they hear and what they see.
On that note, I've been hearing little sweet echoes lately.
Of course, they are echoes of what I apparently say quite frequently.
For the last week or two, I've noticed that Abby will often times call Marilyn, "Sweetie Pie," when she is talking to her.  And Marilyn doesn't even think twice when answering her in conversation. 
As I've said, I'm almost certain this new lingo Abby has picked up comes from me.
I'm guilty of calling the girls (and Thomas), Sweetie Pie.  And now it seems that Abby has become quite comfortable using this term when referring to her sister.
It actually makes me giggle thinking about it.
Her she is, all of 4-years old, with her arm around her sister, talking to her like she is some 34-year old friend offering advise.
It really is a hoot.  And precious.  And heartwarming all wrapped up in one.
I love sweet echoes.

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