Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ziggy, Friends and playing

Ziggy and I are just playing... actually, I'm so interested in Ziggy's feet and the way they feel. He is such a good pal, because he just lets me touch and tug on him whenever I want.

My friend Chris (5) and Nikki (2) and me went out to dinner one night this last week with Mommy and Ms. Marsha.

Yes, yes, yes - of course Mommy has introduced me to soccer. I love throwing the soccer ball as well as kicking it. I actually love picking it up and running with it. Ummm? Mommy said I might be interested in football, baseball and possibly lacrosse also. As long as I can have fun and run around - I will try anything one day.

Mommy's morning 5K

Mommy ran in a 5K race this morning and Grannie and I went to watch and cheer her on. The day started out with us getting to the park and me having some breakfast snacks near the water. Matter of fact, I loved walking over to the fence and seeing the flat water and the boats out there. This is definately the kind of weather Daddy would say is "fishing weather." I can't wait to bring Daddy down to this park when he gets back from Iraq. Grannie and I played a bit and then we saw Mommy take off on her run. While Mommy was running the race, we went over and played on the playground and walked all around the beautiful park. With just enough time to spare, we made our way to the side of the road where we cheered Mommy on as she finished the race. "Way to go Mommy." The last two pictures are after Mommy finished and I was telling her what a good job she did (and trying to drink some of her bottled water.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Fun

Tug-of-War with Ziggy

Today, Mommy and I went on base and played on the big playground there. There were swings & slides and even a small waterpark. So, of course Mommy let me go play and get wet. Afterwards, we sat in the shade and had some snacks together. Mommy thinks I'm practically running now - that's probably because she is constantly trying to keep up with me while I'm on the go.

Water Park fun!

Nothing beats a day in the water. Mommy and I went to the Children's Park down near the beach earlier this week. They have a playground and a waterpark there. As you can see - I LOVED IT! When we got home, Mommy and I went in my little pool to cool off since it was so hot. Yes, I said Mommy went in also - can you see her foot in the picture above? Things were tight, but we had fun.

Go, Go, Go...

A happy camper!

I'm on the go, go, go all of the time. Ziggy and I are "inspecting" the yard work Mommy did earlier in the day. Since Daddy isn't here, someone has to keep an eye on things. Don't worry Mommy, things look GREAT!

This is after dinner one night... lasagna. My clothes were covered so Mommy thought it best just to take off the dirty clothes and let me go this way.

Moving furniture around the room is not easy. I decided that my play table needed to go a little further to the right - well, actually I moved it all the way across the room to a better spot. My work is never done here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No shoes, No shirt - Just Beach

I am a FLORIDA boy. I don't like any shoes on and I love when I'm in my bathing suit either in the pool or at the beach. This weekend Mommy and I went over to the beach one morning and got a great spot right up front. The water was beautiful and the sand was soft & white. I played with all of my toys until Mommy rinsed me off and had me sit out under the umbrella and enjoy a snack with her. I LOVE the beach. We saw beach birds and a little crab too. The last picture that you see here is me getting caught in Mommy's bathroom playing with the toilet paper - oops.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th celebration

Mommy & me gearing up for the 4th of July festivities - notice our "red, white, and blue"! We miss you Daddy!
OOOOHHHH - sparklers! I had so much fun watching the fireworks go off over the Marina. I wasn't allowed to hold the sparklers, but all of my cousins made sure that I could see them!

My first dip in the Atlantic Ocean. It was fine, but no where as warm and nice as the Gulf of Mexico that I live near. Too many shells and rocks for me.

Uncle Eric made fresh mango salsa one night fors some appetizers - while Mommy wasn't looking, I grabbed a chip and DIPPED. I just couldn't resist. My cousin Claire took this picture and later showed it to Mommy...

All of the girls - Aunt Trisha, Erin, Claire, Aunt Jen, Aunt Kathleen, Mommy, Nana, and Emily

Now our vacation is over and we are back home. I had a wonderful time with everyone and can't wait until next year when we all meet up again. But next year, I will be talking and running. Watch out, here I come!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Part II of our vacation

Mommy, Nana and I have now traveled over to the East coast of Florida - Port St. Lucie. Aunt Trisha, Uncle Eric, Aunt Kathleen and cousins Claire, Erin and Emily are all here as well. We are having so much fun each day that I am just exhausted at the end of each day... as you can tell by some of the pictures. Everyone can't believe how big I am (this is the first time they have seen me since they all live in CA and NY). In the last two weeks, I have really become so much better at walking by myself, side step'in past obsticles and standing straight up from a sitting position. I also have a new bottom tooth that just came in. So much is going on and I'm loving it. The only thing missing is Daddy - but Mommy told me that we have less than 3 months (90 days) until he comes home to see me. I can't wait.