Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Truthful Tuesday: Thomas' edition

Little kids don't sugar coat things.
They are pretty straight forward with what they have to tell you.
Thomas certainly fits this mold.  Case in point...

1)  The other day, Thomas' friend Izzy stopped by while everyone was swimming in the pool.  He got out of the pool to say hello and see if she wanted to stay and swim with all of us.  Within a few minutes of getting out of the pool, he looked over at Daddy and said he had to go to the bathroom.  Instead of heading inside (with his wet bathing suit), he went over to the big oak tree, pulled down his pants and proceeded to pee.  He looked back at Izzy and said, "I had to pee... just like a dog does."  OMG - where does he get this from?

2)  After taking a few bites of his waffles and apples at breakfast the other morning, Thomas looks up from his plate and says (without any prompting, hinting, suggestion or anything of the like), "When I get older, I'm going to smoke cigarettes."  OMG is exactly what came over both Brian and me as we quickly looked at each other.  I felt like I had to pick my mouth up off the floor after hearing that.  Where did this come from?  What does he even know about cigarettes?  I can't believe we are about to have a cigarette "lecture" at that age of not-quite-four-years old?  We were quick to say all the right things (we hope)... "NO, they will make you sick, they will make you smell very, very yucky and they are not good for you at all."  He willingly & quickly reiterated these same thoughts back to us like he was in full agreement.  Unbelievable.  Brian and I do not smoke nor do we even talk about smoking... but kids are very influential with what they see and hear in their lives... and then are quick to tell you about it.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A day to honor

To all those who have served our great nation - both past & present - we honor you today.
For those great individuals who have sacrificed their life in order to protect us - we honor you today.
Thank you.
Not enough people tell our military personnel this...
So, again, thank you!
I thought I would ask my husband, who is approaching his 20 year mark of his active duty military career, what his proudest moment has been in serving our country.  In his own words:

"I deployed one month after 9/11 to Al Udied, Qatar to set up the hub [central location] for RED HORSE Sq.  I was busy but bored. I was asked if I wanted to forward deploy to Uzbekistan to link up with a team to certify runways and look at building integrity at the airfields.  I was told I would only be gone two weeks which actually turned out to be 120 days. 

I jumped at the chance so, December 18th 2001, I flew to Uzbekistan and from there I got to see Bagram, Kabul, and Herot, which were controlled by small Special Forces teams. I forward deployed to Mazar-E-Sharif, Afghanistan, with a small team to repair two 60' craters in the runways using a concrete mobile batch plantused to make the concrete.  These repairs on the runway enabled C-17 aircraft to resupply the Special Forces in the area.  Additionally, I worked directly with Special Forces teams downtown fortifying their safe houses; it was these instances in my career that I feel was my proudest moment. It truly opened my eyes that every small detail plays a huge role in the big picture. I still to this day do not believe I will ever have a better deployment but feel this was what shaped me today."

2500 bags of concrete later...
Cover photo of the 2002 Executive Report for Headquarters ACC, Office of the Civil Engineer:
SSgt Brian Heck, 823d RED HORSE

Sunday, May 29, 2011

one extra

I'm just gonna be honest... this blog entry is not going to have much substance other than really cute baby pictures.  I know - come on Michelle - can't you write about something with meaning?
I promise.  I will.
I'm just trying to catch up on sleep and enjoy every precious moment with each of my 3 munchkins.
I have a million thoughts rolling through my head...
this week, I'll be sure to spill them out to you!
Meanwhile... here is a peek at life inside the Heck home this week with one extra munchkin.

 Lots of kisses from her big sister (and big brother)

 Abby has absolutely surprised us this week at how much she wants to be with the baby.
She is a huge helper.
Always wants to kiss her.
Pat her on the back to help burb her.
Read to her.
Abby is really taking this "big sister" duty serious.

 Daddy and his girls.
Notice too that Daddy has mastered multi-tasking.
Newborn, toddler, iPhone...
Who said that we are outnumbered and out manned?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers (Welcome to the Family Version)

This was the week we have been anxiously waiting for and now we are home & settling in.  For obvious reasons, this FNL version is all about family and the new Heck... Marilyn Jane.
  • I'm wondering if she will have a nickname?  Thomas doesn't have one; Abbigail has a million.
  • I'm wondering who is more tired - Daddy or Mommy?  Daddy does EVERYTHING that doesn't involve nursing the baby (to include diaper changes during the daylight hours); Mommy is the milk machine as of now.
  • Speaking of milk... explaining that Marilyn drinks "baby milk" and it comes from mommy has been hilarious to say the least.  Abby doesn't get it, but Thomas is very curious and intuitive. 
  • Thomas is so excited to be the helper and the new big brother.  The first thing he wants to do in the AM is hold her & the last thing he wants to do at night is help put her in the crib & say goodnight.
  • Abby also wants to be the helper, but doesn't want Thomas to touch any of the baby things.  I think she is feeling a little territorial about baby things since that is "her thing."  She also is in love with Marilyn's tiny feet, hands, eyes and ears.  It really is adorable.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Marilyn Jane Heck

We are home.
We are settling in with all 3 kids.
I'm sure new routines are in the near future & old routines will be slightly adjusted.
We are exhausted but are very excited about a lot some a little sleep tonight in our own beds.

Here is just a glimpse at us welcoming our new baby girl into the world this week.

Marilyn Jane Heck
Her birthday stats:

Born on Tuesday, May 24th @ 8:30am
8 lbs 1 oz
19 inches long

Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes!
The love & support by our friends & family are always felt.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend recap

Saturday involved going to a double birthday party for our good friends, Chris & Nikki.
As usual, my kids had a great time and Brian & I enjoyed some much needed relaxing time with many of our good friends there.

Jeeps to ride in & drive...
 ... even little girlie ones.
 Bouncy castles
 A very protective brother making sure his little sister is secure.
 After staying busy at the house Sunday morning, the afternoon was filled with pool time, a BBQ and bike riding all at Grannie's house. 
It just doesn't get any better than this...

 Daddy & his mini-me!
 A very determined girl
 ... but oh so sweet looking.
 ... or maybe I should say sneaky, devilish, and up-to-no-good.
Look at this face.
Brian and I are in for some bad teenage years with Abbigail.

Emotionally attached

I'm emotionally attached.  What can I say?  When it comes to my family & what is most personal to me, my heart (and thus my emotions) most often lead my decision making & explanation process.  Furthermore, when it comes to my kids, I usually am trying to consider (and over consider) how they will handle a given situation.  Some situations are understandable as to why I'm emotional when offering an explanation, such as with Zig's recent death.  I dreaded the questions, "where is zig?  where are his things?  what happened to zig?"  I knew I would have a hard time keeping back the tears & "being strong" when I, myself, hadn't worked past the pain & reality.  But when it came to offering an explanation, I was thinking that the kids (but especially Thomas) would handle things the way I did - emotionally.  Brian tried to tell me otherwise, but I continued to freight about it.  I guess I wasn't considering that kids rebound pretty quickly.  A lot quicker than us adults anyways.  Thomas asked several questions, got upset for a minute, but then pressed on.  I wish I could press on that quickly.  But then again, I'm emotional.

Other things that I have been very emotional about lately (for no apparent reason) also include the following:
  1. The playground set - explaining why some other little boy and his Daddy took it down today and left with it in their truck.  Brian's explanation was simple... "there are lots of playgrounds in Alaska where we are moving and that little boy needed one.  Don't worry... we will buy a bigger one when we move back."  He was upset for just a moment when I talked to him, but quickly moved past it.  I, on the other hand, shed some tears.  Not over the playground, but rather the loss of them having a playground.  I know... pathetic.
  2. Moving seats in the car - Thomas' booster seat was moved to the back today (complete with his own little DVD player & his own space), Marilyn's baby seat was put in where Thomas used to be (which is next to Abby), but poor Abby was left where she has been for almost a year (even though she is excited about having the baby next to her).  So for whatever reason, I felt bad (and thus a little emotional) about Abby not getting any kind of change.  I know... pathetic.
  3. However, this last one is something that I'm quite sure even the kids will not just sweep under the rug.  Eventually, in about 2 months, we will all be saying goodbye to our loved ones who live here -we will have to explain why Grannie, Grandpop, Nana, Aunt Jen and Uncle Ash can't come with us to Alaska.  I know there will be days when they (especially Thomas) will be sad and miss them and that will make things even more difficult for me because I never want the kids to feel unloved, or going without, or feel like they have done something wrong and had something taken from them when that isn't the case at all.  I won't be looking forward to that at all...
I know that the pregnancy hormones have something to do with it, but I also know that it is just the way I am.  I'm just emotional.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Zig-A-Roonie

In loving memory of our beloved Ziggy.
You have made us so much better for being in our lives.
Your unconditional love, your faithfulness & loyalty will always be remembered.
Zig is at peace, free of pain & in a better place now and hopefully with Booker!

July 2004 - May 2011

 Booker & Ziggy in their 4th of July muscle shirts

The Von Trapp Children?

Spring school pictures just arrived today.  Deep down I'm sucker for buying these pictures.  However, it is a blessing I have an awesome scanner/printer that allows me to copy and make whatever size pictures that I want as well as sending them out digitally to my family.  I feel like I did good today though... I bought only my favorites:

Abbigail & Thomas together
Don't the kids look like they are part of the Sound of Music?  Didn't mean to dress them so they looked like they were some of the Von Trapp children... opps!
Matter of fact, Thomas is looking like he just got done hiking in the Swiss Alps,
but ohhhhh what a cutie smile.
Abbigail, sporting her black Mary Jane shoes & messy hair, is looking like the youngest Von Trapp girl...
if only she could sing (and talk)!