Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all! Just a quick glimpse at our festive day. This morning we headed over to Thomas & Abby's daycare because they were having a Fall Festival and it was sure to be a good time. Thomas had a chance to trick-or-treat, play a few games, win some baked goods in a cake walk, jump in a big bouncy castle and eat some lunch - Abby just was along for the ride, but got lots of "ohs and ahs" along the way. In her front row seat, she was able to catch the eye of everyone walking by and even gave several "coos" and giggles to the passerbyers.

Thomas' bat mask that he made in Ms. Amy's class this week.
This picture cracks me up because it looks like Thomas is telling Abby a joke and she is not nearly as amused as he is...
My two munchkins in their Halloween t-shirts ready to get in the car.

Nana joined us in all the fun!
Abby was taking in ALL the sites!
For Halloween night, Thomas was dressed as a dinasaur and would say, "Trick-or-Treat... ROOAAARRRRR!" to each house that we went to. He really started to get into the "getting treats" part of the night and probably would have kept going had it not become too chilly!

Abby was dressed as a little dinasaur also for the night... she stayed inside though and didn't get to tour the neighborhood.
Video Clip - Here we are heading around the neighborhood ready to get some treats!!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2.5 month checkup

Been a busy week (per usual) so I have not had a chance to give you an update on Abby. She had her (belated) 2-month well baby checkup on Monday and things went well. First and foremost... here are her stats:

weight - 11.1 lbs
height - 22.5 inches

She is still pretty petite - only in the 25th to 50th percentile in her age group (11.5 weeks old), but she is eating like a horse all the time. Matter of fact, Abby has no problem eating 5-7 oz every few hours. She gets her appetite from her Daddy for sure! But at this rate, she will certainly catch up soon.

Sites and Sounds from the "Sandbox"

We are 2 months done with this deployment and I can firmly and passionately ask, "Are we almost there?" Unfortunately, I know the answer and it is "NO"... not even close. This deployment has certainly shaped up to be harder and all-together more tiring than the last one. Go figure right... Abby joined our crew and the dynamics at home have certainly shifted. I'm out-numbered with everything we do at home and if I don't sit back and laugh on some days I would probably get grey hair. Anyway, that is not what this blog entry is about. It is about my other half; the half who is parked 1/2 way around the world in BFE... also known as the "Sandbox." Just a glimpse into what him and the RED HORSE boys are doing in this location (the squadron is spread all around Iraq and Afghanistan)

Brian is lucky enough to have his own room. The desk and shelves are all custom made by Heck to add some "niceities" to his cell. He does have wireless internet in his room (which he pays $70/month for) which makes it really convenient and nice to chat for a few minutes each day on Skype. Days are long for the guys - start working at 6am and end at 6:30pm. Only day off is Sunday.
No doors... only a blanket for privacy.
Project that they started and are trying to finish is two 7500SF buildings which I think will end up being dorms/barracks for the Army????

This is where the RED HORSE guys live - big old warehouse converted into small rooms to live in. No bathrooms inside - only showers/sinks. That means they have to trek outside to use the potty.

Next project on the calendar is to build a church. Brian wanted me to pass along a huge "thank you" to those of you who have sent mail and packages - it is very much appreciated and helps to know that you are thinking of him while he is over there. Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of Brian's world right now. I know for me it really does help to see where he really is and what they are doing over there.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Thomas is like me... loves his hair brushed!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flea Market finds

We headed out the flea market this morning with Grannie to get some fresh air & exercise, but more importantly to find a pumpkin for Thomas and Abby! We even brought along the small wagon to haul all of our wonderful finds in...

Notice the "big" pumpkin - Thomas claimed that one as his and the "little" one is for Abby - this is all decided by the wagon-puller.

The flea market really does have some great things, be it trash or treasures - speaking of treasures, this has got to be pure heaven for every little boy: hotwheels race cars for $1 per car (still in the container) - Thomas always gets some new cars here.

I bet these little flea-market-booth-people are seriously wealthy with all the junk they sell!
Thomas had to ride the mini-carousel

Amongst the tiny baby turtles we saw (which he LOVED), we also came across this little guy who was for sale. Look at how tiny he is (I think Thomas' fingers are some how indicating the size).
Video Clip - Here's Thomas keeping Abby entertained. Don't worry - he didn't bounce her really that hard, but it did make me laugh. Enjoy my little helper (and talker) as he continues to love on his baby sister every day.

HomeComing 2009!

I have been dieing to bring Thomas to one of our peprallies at Choctaw since last year and it finally happened on Friday. I figured I would bring him to the big one - the HomeComing peprally - which is a really big one complete with alumni, Homecoming court and of course the nationally known band - the CHS Stylemarchers! We dropped off Abby at school and then grabbed some breakfast together and headed over to school. Because I had a substitute for the day due to being the Senior class sponsor and having to spend the day assembling our float for the parade that night - Thomas I took our time and leisurely arrived at school for the morning peprally! Here we are leaving my classrooma & getting ready to head to the big "party"!

Doing the Indian "chop" as we listen to the band!

Because it was the Homecoming peprally, there was a chunk of time devoted to announcing the Homecoming court, grand marshall, alumni faculty, etc, and that was really hard for Thomas to pay attention to (rightfully so) - instead, we ducke!d out of sight and Thomas had a good time just climbing all around.
Here are my Senior Class officers (plus me in the center) and our awesome 2009 float!

Our hard work all put together just 1 hour before the big parade! Just a little background about the theme this year and what we built: "Indian Uprising: Return of the Tribe" is what we had to create a float based around... so, 1953 & 2010 are the first graduating class and the current seniors of CHS; pictures on front skirt are current senior pictures coupled with their parents' senior picture (who also attended CHS); teepee, arrows, fire with 4 characters (football player, cheerleaders, fan, and band member) dancing around the fire.

Video Clip - Thomas dancing in the center of the gym before the Peprally begins (but as the gym is filling up with students and fans). He did do a lot of dancing and clapping throughout it all. And of course, he got a lot of "oh, he is so adorable" comments. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Florida Fall Weather

What a gorgeous day down here along the Emerald Coast - the high was right around 68 degrees and there was nothing but sunshine today (although a bit breezy which made it feel a bit cooler)! We hung around the house today playing, organizing and just laying low. By mid-afternoon after snacks and a bottle for Abby, we hit the neighborhood for a long walk (Ziggy was very thankful). Abby was bundled with plenty of layers and blankets and loved the cool breeze and sunshine - her smile gives it away. Thomas raced from corner to corner on his big wheels and couldn't wait until we got down by the water to see the boats. Too bad tomorrow is Monday and it is back to the grind...
Our cozy girl
Thomas is always smiling at Abby
"Are we ready to go yet Mommy?"
Pit stop in the neighborhood. He loves flags - especially American flags. I keep trying to convince Brian that we need a tall flag pole in the front yard so we can fly our American Flag... I now think I will have Thomas on my side to get this project done.

On the go...
Still bundled and enjoying the ride, but...
... was sound asleep just 1/2 way through the walk.
Back at the house, Abby and me were in charge of cooking up spagehetti for dinner. I'd like to consider her my "prep cook", but in all truth... she just kept me company and coo'ed. I loved every minute!
Daddy's little girl

Video Clip - Just playing around today while Abby napped. I was busy sorting fall/winter clothes and weeding out the summer clothes & those that are too small. Clearly Thomas kept busy with my rubbermaid containers - why do we even buy toys?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


It is certainly the closest thing we are going to get to Broadway here in the Panhandle of Florida. My really good friend Marsha and I took the kids to see Playhouse Disney's Live Show today in Pensacola - the kids had a fabulous time (and the Mommy's probably had an even better time just being able to see each other and catch up with one another)! The show had many of the favorite Disney headliners such as Pooh & Tigger, Handy Manny, Micky Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins. It was so neat to see the kids enjoy themselves - as well this was a much needed distraction for all of us. With the hubbies/daddies gone, something like this was a great way to think about something other than how slow time seems to be going.

Nikki (3), Chris (6) and Thomas (2)
We aren't even through the Civic Center doors and the kids already have a souvenir (from Little Einsteins)
Great seats right in the center - good job Marsha!
Before the show
Gearing up for the show with his Little Einsteins' flashlight
The other crew: Marsha, Nikki and Chris
Me and Thomas (Abby stayed at home with Nana)
Glued to the show
Our pooped puppies - both Thomas and Nikki were fast asleep on the way home from the show. With any luck - they will have sweet dreams and sleep well on this night!!