Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dance Fever

Video Clip - Watch out John Travolta - Thomas is shaking his groove thing all night long!

TOY Banquet

Last week was the county wide Teacher of the Year (TOY) banquet honoring all of Okaloosa County School District's winners from each school. What an occasion. They really rolled out the red carpet for this one. I was really in awe from the moment we walked in and started to enjoy the evening. Not only was there great company with friends that I taught with, but great food and a beautifully framed certificate that was presented to each winner. Brian, Mom and I had a really nice time and I felt so honored that my peers and collegues would choose me as our school's Teacher of the Year.
Me, Becky and Claudia enjoying the evening
School Board members, me and our superintendant (Dr. Tibbetts)

Snuggling with a good book

Thomas loves to read books! The other night, him and I were in his room getting ready to go take a bath and he was looking for a "good" book to read. He came across a few books that he really never had paid any attention to before then - and one of them was an entire book on trucks and cars. Well, if you have been around Thomas in the last few months, you know that trucks, cars and airplanes are his favorite (next to Elmo). His exact reaction as he grabbed the book and laid it on the floor was, "Wowwwww Mommy... trucks!" I was excited for him and thought we would sit down together and read it before we got into the tubby for his bath. Boy was I wrong - he didn't want me to be a part of that. He said, "No, Daddy trucks"! Huh? I felt a little unwanted now. I mean really - I can be cool and read about trucks too, right? Nope - I was not the person who would be reading with him that night - Daddy was the lucky pick! As I'm realizing this, he is already running over to the computer room to share his new find with Daddy. A few seconds later, the two of them were down on the ground together sharing a good book together. I'm pretty sure that he had some good dreams about trucks & cars that night.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ziggy is so patient

Video Clip - Those of you who have a dog and children know all too well how patient our 4-legged family members are with the little ones... our Ziggy is no exception. Thomas and Ziggy really do play very well together, but that is in large part because Ziggy has a heart of gold and patience that seems to go on forever. Here is a look at the two of them this morning...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Boy Chair

This was MY week - I am really becoming a big boy now! Mommy ordered a Cooshie booster chair for me so that I can sit up at the table with Mommy & Daddy. I LOVE it! Although I still like to sit in my high chair from time to time, I really like how squishy and soft it is on my tush!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dinner time for Ziggy

Video Clip - Here is another nightly routine for Thomas. He is Daddy's little helper when it comes to feeding Ziggy dinner. He scoops the dog food into the bowl, opens the door to go outside, helps clap (which signals Ziggy that he can now eat) and lastly, looks for froggies out on the back porch with Daddy. He loves frogs! Enjoy!

Mattress jumping

Video Clip - We were changing sheets today and Thomas thought it was extremely funny that his mattress was on the ground. As you can see, he made full use of it a bouncy mattress. I know, I know - my son loves to jump and play around. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I found a new hiding place - inside Mommy & Daddy's big grandfather clock. Peek-a-Boo! I see you Mommy!

Stolen... and then recovered!

Mommy Blog - Just a quick update on the truck situation - but you should probably sit down as you read this...

Brian took today off from work to run around and do lots of errands. It was around lunch time and Brian was turning onto the main Hwy in our town (Hwy 98); as he was stopped at a light, he looked up and saw his truck go by. Yes - he saw his truck drive by with teenagers joy riding in it through town. You may be asking, "how did he know it was his truck?" My answer is quite simple - Brian knows his truck; he loves his truck; he also happened to put some custom things on his truck that most people would not have on it; so I tell you again - Brian knows his truck.

No sooner did he see his truck drive by in the opposite direction, he busted a U-turn! And wouldn't you know there was a cop coming off of the Navarre Bridge Causeway right towards him. He waved him down (before he could say anything to Brian about jumping the curb as he did a U-turn) and with his blood pumping and rushing through his body, told the cop that his truck had been stolen last week and he just saw it go by. The cop quickly jotted down "the facts" and took off in persuit. Of course, Brian wanted to follow the cop and "be in on the action," but wouldn't you know that he got caught behind a school bus and then a stop light. Poor guy only wanted to get his truck and be there when they caught the bad guy! Anyway, by the time Brian cleared most of the traffic and was cruising the open highway looking for the cop and his truck, it had been several miles and there was no sign of them. Brian just kept driving into the next county (Okaloosa Co) and headed into Ft. Walton. In a matter of just a second, he could see the cop car had pulled over the truck on the side of the road and there, with it, was a sight to see...

Four cop cars had surrounded the stolen truck; all the cops had their weapons drawn and were pointing them at the 4 thieves after they had pulled them out of the truck and put them on the ground. Wow... Brian saw all of this and his blood was boiling - oh was he pissed at these kids who had stolen HIS TRUCK! Anyway - truck was recovered and returned to Brian this afternoon. Boy is he a happy camper! Truck is a mess inside (hopefully there are no drugs in it, but we will have it inspected by the law enforcement); you can tell the kids went 4x4 off road and hit something - big old dent on one side with plenty of scrapes to keep it company. All of our possessions are gone - except Thomas' little DVD player that he watches Elmo. Get this - they even changed out the license plate, took all of Brian's decals and window stickers off and replaced it with their own "redneck gangta" stickers. The NERVE of these kids - trying to act like it was their truck now. The kids they arrested were all teenagers from the local high school - but one had a rap sheet a mile long - something like 30+ arrests already. Yeah, there is an up-standing citizen for ya.

Anyway - I'm sure there are things we have to handle with the insurance company over the next several days - but I can tell you that we have a very happy boy on our hands. And can you believe that Brian was the one who found his car and helped recover it? The arresting officer told Brian that never happens - EVER! No one ever finds their own vehicle. The officer also told Brian he was the luckiest son-of-a-gun and should probably think about going to buy a Lotto ticket tonight so that we can win with that too! This is just too much.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What a week...

Mommy Blog - Oh where to begin? I guess we can start with apologies for no updates in about 2 weeks. That really isn't like me at all, except when the Hecks start having a week like last week. It all started Tuesday morning - Brian and I walk outside at about 5:20 AM to load up each of our vehicles and turn them each on so they will warm up before we head off to work. We always do this before we wake Thomas up (thank god, especially this morning) so that he can get at least a few extra minutes of sleep. Anyway, we get outside and then Brian quickly realizes that his truck is NOT there. Let me repeat that - his truck is not in the driveway where we parked it the night before. Yes, that means what it sounds like it means - Brian's truck was stolen. We looked at each other like we were both stupid; we even looked down each end of the street to see if someone was playing a trick on us - but no truck. I can't speak for Brian but "sick" was the first feeling I had, followed by pissed. Actually, that doesn't even begin to express what I was feeling. However, after we called the sheriff's department and a deputy came out to the house and we got a police report, I started to calm down. I guess this is why you have insurance (car, life, home, etc) - for when things go wrong and you can't control them that is what insurance is there for. And the most important thing is none of us were hurt or injured. So, it has been a week and no truck has been recovered yet. Part of us is disappointed - I mean really - we just want our stuff back. Just give it back so we can return to "normalcy". However, the other part of us is a little excited because this possibly might mean a new car/truck. Hmmmm, is that bad to think that? Oh well, it is what it is. We will keep you posted, but I have to say the week didn't start out well with this event.

In addition to being victims of theft, Thomas is sick. Poor guy hasn't been sick since late Spring and now he has an ear infection, fever, running nose, watery eyes and he just isn't his happy self. Matter of fact, it is a lot of crying and whining. Really he just wants to be held and snuggled with. Who could blame him - isn't that what we all want when we are sick? On top of that - he got me sick and we think Brian is also on this "sick train" too.

So... there you have it... my excuse why there has not been an update or pictures in the last 2 weeks. Be patient because I'll get back on track soon.