Sunday, October 26, 2008

Isabella's 1st birthday party

On Saturday, I got to go to Isabella's 1st birthday party and we had a good time! It was a beautiful day (just warm enough, yet cool enough to wear jeans & a long sleeve shirt) so we played outside for part of the time - and then we went inside & played with ALL of the balloons that she had... I LOVE those things. I grabbed a few of them by their strings and would shake 'em back-n-forth really fast and make myself laugh so hard. I actually had Mommy laughing pretty good too.
Just enjoying the party

There was this older kid at the party who was running around the backyard and I was very curious & interested in what he was doing - this is what mommy calls "People Watching" and she does it all the time. She says you can really watch some strange, wierd, downright funny people if you just sit and watch. Clearly she is experienced & knows what she is talking about...

The rest of the pictures are of Isabella & me having fun...

I think Isabella is trying to kiss me here - she is so silly!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

1st Big Boy Haircut

(Sorry the pictures are in reverse order... Mommy isn't sure why they wouldn't load in the correct order). Today I got my first Big Boy Haircut & I did pretty darn good. Mommy has been waiting until Daddy came home from his deployment to get my hair professionally cut. Now at 16 months old, I have done one more thing that my Daddy has done. Check it out...

Ms. Tammie cut my hair today and she was really good. She turned on the cartoons for me, gave me a spiderman cover and let me eat cookies while she cut my hair all while doing it in about 5 minutes. Granted, Daddy had to hold me because I didn't want to sit on the barber chair by myself - I still did really good. Mommy hasn't stopped telling me how handsome she thinks my new haircut is.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

In-and-Out Playhouse!

Video Clip - Here I am playing in my temporary "playhouse" at our Saturday Garage Sale.

Garage Sale Saturday

We had a garage sale on Saturday morning at our house and I was the big helper! Well, actually I was the "meet-n-greet" person who waved & smiled to every car that pulled up to our house. Here I am enjoying some morning snacks while we enjoy the cool morning air.
Daddy was so silly while we were playing - he was riding my Big Wheels around the drive way and I was chasing after him. Doesn't he know that is for little boys and NOT big boys?????
Just taking a break in between customers!
Mommy decided it was finally time to sell Booker's old kennel. When she set it up for display, I discovered that it has 2 doors and I could walk in-and-out of the kennel just like it was a little house. It was so much fun. Unfortunately, someone bought it for their little doggy and I had to part with it (I was not happy)!
Once again - Daddy being silly! He came into the kennel with me and we played around together! With the two of us in here, you can really tell how big it is.

Pumpkin Picking

Mommy told me that last year I was dressed up like a Pumpkin for Halloween - I don't remember that, but what I do know is I had a lot of fun picking out a pumpkin this week. Mommy, Daddy and me went after school & work on Thursday and picked the best one that we could find.

Peek-a-Boo... I see you!
I'm trying to tell Mommy that this one looks pretty good - she agrees!

So many pumpkins - how do you really decide which one is right?
We ended up picking out a great pumpkin, but Grannie also bought me one with a smiling face. Here I am on the front porch pointing to his ears.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Strolling the neighborhood

Video Clip - Here we are just cruising the neighborhood. Needless to say, taking Ziggy on walks have become a much longer routine thanks to the ride-along toy. Poor Ziggy!

Friday night on the beach

Isn't this beautiful? Friday night me, Daddy and Mommy went out to dinner and on the way home we decided to stop at the beach to enjoy the sunset and feel the sand in our toes! It was so nice. There were lots of people taking an evening walk just like we were - I guess this is just one of the perks of living just a few miles from the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Mowing the grass

It is official... I now have to earn my keep with chores! Just kidding! Although Daddy thought it would be pretty funny to introduce me to the lawn mower this weekend. Here I am enjoying a ride with him right after he finished mowing the lawn. I LOVE this thing! You can go fast or slow all around the yard, it has a steering wheel and it has its own cup holder (just like my stroller). It doesn't get any better than this...

Monday, October 6, 2008

I love my Mommy

Anyday that I get to be with my Mommy is a good day. I love her very much.

One of the guys...

I'm finally one of the guys - well, almost - I'm not quite big enough to go out on the boat for the day with Daddy and the guys, but I was up early in the morning with them before they left for the day to fish!
Mercury Advertisement - big engines for big boys. Look how big the engines are on Daddy's boat - makes me look like a small little squirt. I was playing outside with Daddy & Ziggy and I wandered over to the boat and was fascinated by the propellers & how shiny they are.

A Trigger fish that Daddy caught... check out those teeth. Don't they look funny? We should call him "Buck-tooth Charlie".

Daddy and a King Fish

The boys filleting fish late into the evening. Mommy is excited to finally have some yummy fish in the freezer!

Fun with Auntie Jen

This past weekend, Auntie Jen and Uncle Ash came into town so that Uncle Ash could fish with Daddy! So... I got to have lots of good quality time with her. Here we are reading together on Saturday morning while we are still both in our 'jammies.
We had lunch together (along with Mommy & Nana) on Saturday out on the water and got to see the boats go by afterwards.
The best part of the afternoon was going to the park - lots of playground stuff and some great slides. Doesn't Auntie Jen look like she is having a great time? Who said that lawyers can't kick their shoes off and have a good time? My Auntie Jen can!

Mutt & Jeff (aka: Auntie Jen and me)
We had a great time together...


Just being me...

My newest thing is opening EVERY single door in the house (as well as ones that go back into the garage)! Check out that tippy-toe-action...