Sunday, March 30, 2008

Video Clip: Two Friends playing

Video Clip - Notice Thomas trying to share his toy with Ziggy, but Ziggy is worried about protecting his toy from Thomas ... and Thomas just thinks its so funny!

We Miss You..

The message is clear - "We miss you Daddy..."

... and love you! Just thought you may want to see my silly faces.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A beautiful Easter Day

Today was a wonderful day. The only thing that could have made it better is if my daddy was here with us. We had brunch at the same place that mommy and daddy got married and it sure was beautiful looking out over the water. I got to see my Aunt Jen and my Uncle Ash along with Nana too. The best part was mommy dressed me up so that I could meet the infamous Easter Bunny and thank him for my baskets that were filled with yummy baby snacks and toys! Daddy...if you are reading this...I love & miss you!

Easter Bunny

I met the Easter Bunny today for the very first time...
...but, I wasn't sure if the Easter Bunny was really going to give me all of her candy. She looked a little shady.

But in the end, I trusted her and the day turned out well with the Easter Bunny!

Looking out

Wishing I was outside with Ziggy!

I figured mommy needed to clean the front windows anyways - so......I just decided that some funny faces were necessary! Don't you think?

Loving the warm spring weather and hoping the Easter Bunny knows where I live!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Babbling on at dinner

Video Clip - Although this is a few weeks old, here is a peek at what a dinner conversation is like with Thomas. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sick day from school

I realize that this picture does not capture how sick I really was on Tuesday, but it is amazing what happens when you get to go to Grannie & Poppie's house where you are totally spoiled. Actually, I had to leave school in the morning and go to the doctor (again) and wouldn't you know it - I have yet another ear infection. So...that means more medicine for this week until I start to feel better. Can you believe that I stood up myself and sat up on this truck all by myself? I know - I could hardly believe it also. I'm getting bigger everyday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One last weekend with Daddy

This past weekend, Mommy and I flew out to Seattle for a (short) weekend with Daddy before he left the states for good. You see, he has been out on the west coast for last month training to be ready when he goes over to Iraq. When he found out that he would have his last few days off, he bought mommy and I a plane ticket out west. Yehhhhhhhh! It was my 2nd airplane ride and mommy told me I did pretty darn good for taking a coast-to-coast trip. Anyway, when we got there my daddy barely put me down. I think I impressed him when I showed him that I could crawl and pull myself up to a standing position. Not too shabby, huh? We spent all day Saturday visiting Seattle by the water. We ate good food (well, actually mommy and daddy did), saw 2 small puppy dogs being pushed around in a stroller like me (that was pretty funny) and I even got to feel ice cream on my lips. Don't worry - I didn't eat any of it - but it sure did feel good on the lips! Oh wait...I almost forgot...I went on my first carousal ride. I loved the horsey that went up-and-down! So, when the weekend was all over, mommy and I had to say goodbye to daddy one last time. I know that we miss him very much already - but I know that it is hardest for daddy because he is away from all that is "normal". Mommy tells me that Daddy misses me the most and everything that I do each day. We love you Daddy!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bath and Bubbles

Can your weekend get any better than this? A tubby bath and bubbles. I love my bathtime, but my Grannie just showed me what bubbles are and I LOVE them! When I see them I get so excited and want to grab all of them...but most of them just "fly" away. Anyways - a good weekend none the less.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Social bug

Stroll'in the aisle of our garage sale. I actually wanted to make sure mommy wasn't trying to sell any of my goods (especially the toys).

Meeting the customers. Actually, this is Isabella who lives across the street. Mommy thinks she is my girlfriend.

Isabella and me

It's official - I can finally crawl. Next week I'm going to see if I can walk. Actually - that is mommy's fear...until then I will venture around the house and explore everywhere!

Big Belly Beat down!

As you can tell...I just love to give Poppie a "big belly beat down!" We had a yard sale on Saturday and Poppie and me decided to take a break while there weren't any customers. Can you tell that I was having a good time? Don't worry - he is OK - just tired from playing with me.