Why Blog?

When I first set this blog/webpage up in spring 2007, my intent was to share some pictures & quick stories about how Thomas was growing up. I knew that many of our family and friends do not live close enough to us to see him each day/week and I wanted this to be convenient for them to see what is going on with the Hecks. In addition, Brian is TDY or deployed quite a bit and I wanted him to feel as connected as possible (even 1/2 way around the world). So began the experiment with a blog/webpage. I have to admit, I really did kinda like it from the beginning. I orginally wrote it from Thomas' point of view or voice which was always hilarious to do because you are trying to imagine what your infant/toddler son might possibly be thinking. Too funny.

More recently, when I was pregnant with Abby, I decided to change the look as well as the perspective of how it is written. With Abbigail about to join us and then eventually Marilyn, I couldn't just let Thomas have all the say. So... it is now more of a family blog/webpage. Also, because I'm home fulltime in the summer, I love to update it much more often than I have chances to during the school year when I'm teaching (that is usually only on the weekends). This blogging thing is really kind of addicting. To me - it fulfills two things for me: 1) scrapebooking. I just don't have time anymore and this is a different way for me to keep memories and also pick the look I want for my blog/webpage. 2) keeping a diary. I always wanted to do this but for whatever reasons, I just never did. Again - I'm attempting to keep memories. I just really like it.  I know that my children will only be young once, only need me this much now - I don't want to forget any of the wonderfulness of my kids and I always want something for them to go back and look at.  Memories.  Memories.