Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Surprise - "Ice Days"

The city (and the school district for that matter) doesn't blink an eye at 12" of new snow fall.  Business goes on as usual.  There have been a few times already this winter where I went to bed dreaming of & wishing for a surprise day off the next day.  The following morning, my little-kid dreams were dashed and I headed off to school like any other day despite the wintery mess that had blanketed the city from the day and night before.

This morning was a different story.  Thinking nothing of the frozen drizzle that fell all night long, I got up with my alarm, did a quick check of emails and FB notifications and with nothing different on my radar... I jumped in the shower, got dressed as usual and even starting packing lunches.  Just 15 minutes from departing for the school day, the telephone rings and the message was school was cancelled for the day.  "WHAT? Really? " as I asked with a childish grin.  The late decision by the powers that may be decided the roads were not safe for travels and that weather reports indicated it would get worse through the day.  Can I get an Amen?  What a wonderful winter surprise!

Cartoons with my small peeps, loads and loads of laundry, with temps hovering at a balmy 32 degrees, Thomas played outside with his buddies for most of the afternoon.  The girls helped with fresh baked cookies, I was also able to send out another round of Christmas cards and we finally got a chance to decorate our window snowmen (made from milk cartons).  What an awesome day it was indeed!

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