Sunday, January 25, 2009

Video Clip - Does the famous nursery song, "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" sound familiar to you? Well, here is our little Monkey jumping in his bed. He is just enjoying this way too much. Enjoy!

Old Lady plays in Alumni Game

A Late Post - It has been many years since we have had a Choctaw Alumni Girls Soccer Game, but this was the year! I apologize for the lateness in posting this - the game was actually the weekend before Christmas and it was a lot of fun! 13 of my former players plus me all played as the "Alumni" against our Varsity Girls Soccer Team. For those of you who don't go WAY back with me, I was the Varsity Coach for 8 years at Choctaw and this was an annual game that alumni, as well as current players always looked forward to. I think this year though, the alumni were especially anxious and excited to take the field for lots of reasons. Probably first and foremost, to prove to themselves that despite years of non-training and no practicing, they were still as talented and incredible with the ball as they were in high school. WRONG - that didn't happen for any of us and we all laughed at ourselves many times. I think the other thing that the alumni were trying to prove is "we" were as good as "they" were (although "we" are all in our 20s & 30s and "they" are teenagers who can run all day and not get tired). Face it - we are all just old! Despite scoring first, the final score was ugly! I'm sure I'm not the only one who needed Ben-Gay for my hurting muscles and required lots of Tylenol for a week after the game. Just pathetic!
Me and many of my girls. I'm not sure why I still call them that considering I can have a drink legally with almost every one of them and 3 of them have kids of their own - I guess the biggest reason is they still all call me "Coach" or "Sulli". Some things will never change. By the way - I'm in the back row, 2nd from the right.

Sheila McLaughlin, me and Thomas in a post-game picture. Ironically, Sheila is now a high school soccer coach and teacher and her kids all call her "Coach Mac"! And yes, Thomas was there with Brian the whole game. After the occasional kick of the ball, Thomas kept Brian busy going around the running track in the stadium and entertained many of the spectators with his goofyness and sillyness.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Toddler Love?

Saturday night we went to a family party for everyone at Daddy's flight at work (aka: a RED HORSE party) and had a GREAT time! There was a playground with a big slide, a small jumpy-castle to go crazy in (which I didn't come out of for 30 minutes) and lots of trucks and toys to play with. I especially had fun with my friends Chris and Nikki (she is in the picture below). What better night than playing and eating snacks for hours, right? Below is Mommy and me along with Ms. Marsha and my friend Nikki at the party.
My first kiss (goodnight)
I'm not sure why everyone made such a big deal out of our kiss - we like each other and we said good-bye with a kiss (gheezzz Mommy!). Anyway, this picture is compliments of Ms. Colleen who just happened to have her camera handy as we were leaving the party.

Friday, January 16, 2009

And then there were 4...

Mommy Blog - The Hecks have exciting news to share with all of our friends and family...

We are pregnant and expecting a new member to our clan in mid-August ...Aug 12th to be exact! Just in time for school to start (oh, looks like my summer vacation will be extended slightly) and Brian's next deployment to the desert (he will be home for a few short weeks after our new bundle of joy arrives)! It looks like 2009 is shaping up to be a busy year for the Heck Family...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thomas' first life jacket!

It finally arrived in the mail today - my first life jacket! As Daddy was opening the box, he was telling me that my "boat jacket" was here. Well, I LOVE putting on my jacket each day so I couldn't wait to get into my new jacket. As you can see by facial expressions - excitement was running through me...

... but then it was zipped up and clipped on and I realized that this "boat jacket" was awfully snug and didn't fit like all the rest of the my jackets. I'm not so sure that I like this thing after all. Aaagguuuuhhhhh!

Mommy & Daddy note - We expected this to happen so our game plan is to try on the life jacket each week for a while and then put it on him when we put him up on the boat while Brian is working on it. Sooner or later he has to get used to it, right? I mean PLEASE, he can't be in the Heck Family if he doesn't like to wear his life jacket and go on the boat, hey?

Big Shoes to Fill

Just being nosey with Daddy's big shoes...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

Video Clip - So, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the ducks and geese at the park we go to... they are really LOUD sometimes when they are begging for bread crumbs. I always make sure that I stay close to Mommy or Daddy and keep a slight distance between me and the feathery, webbed-feet loud mouths. Enjoy!

Just random pictures

Happy New Year Everyone! Here are just a few pictures from the last few days. The one below is from the children's park that we go to quite often. It has the perfect size ladders and slides for me to play on as well as some great riding whales (notice me saying "cheese" while riding him today).
The other night, I was sliding around the chairs and barstools in the kitchen and one tipped over onto my foot. Ohhh, I cried like a baby - but Mommy came to the rescue with the "Boo-Boo Bunny" and the "Frozen Doggie" to put on my bruised & swollen foot. There I was limping around on my left foot (playing it up as best I could to get more sympathy from Mommy), but I didn't have Daddy fooled - he just laughed and told me to "get tough" little camper. Mommy has tried to warn me that Daddy has tough skin and he expects everyone else around him to be the same way (no thank you - I like when my Mommy spoils me).

Apparently this is one of Mommy's favorite recent photos of me. Here I am all curled up in one of my new chairs that I got for Christmas reading a good book. Sometimes Mommy or Daddy look over and there I am off in my own world just reading and looking at favorite books.
Notice the new Elmo Slippers I got for Christmas (did I tell you that Elmo is my favorite???)