Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby Girl Showers

Mommy Blog - For the record, I didn't want to have a baby shower for this second baby. I actually fought the idea, but I lost in the end. I guess I didn't feel the need AND don't they always say that once you have had one - you're on your own for any additional babies? All in one week, I was given 2 baby showers. The first one was on Tuesday and it happened to be in conjuction with our end-of-the-year party for our Juniors (Class of 2010 officers). Those of you who remember and follow the blog, I am a co-sponsor with my girlfriend Kendra and we have added another musketeer, Jeannie! Anyway... Kendra just got married to Andrew (she is now an AF wife also) and they are moving to Japan this summer. So, at the end of the party, the kids threw us a joint Wedding/Baby shower to celebrate. Can you believe teenagers are this thoughtful? Well, we have the most amazing kids and are priviledged to work with them everyday! Anyway... here are some pics...

Jeannie, me and Kendra just chatting it up
Reading our "thank you" cards from the kids
Surprise!!!!!! A joint shower cake...
Our amazing Class of 2010 officers
Is this not the most precious thing in the world? It was delicious also...
Me, Emily (class President) and Kendra
Saying goodbye - As a former military brat and now a military wife, I still have not gotten used to saying goodbye to all of the friends I meet along the way. Saying goodbye to Kendra, who has been an amazing friend and crazy side-kick to work with, is no easier. Now that she has joined Jeannie and I in the life of a military wife, I wish her all the best and have reminded her to have fun wherever the AF sends them. Love you girl!
The 2nd baby shower was Friday and was hosted by my girlfriends in the Social Studies department. What a special treat it was to visit with so many of my friends outside of classrooms and celebrate this new baby girl that will be joining us soon!

Fun outside & Welcome Home!

Got a chance to hang out with Poppie and Grannie the other day and ride the tractor, as well as wash off my car and play in my small pool at their house. As you can see... fun, fun, fun! What you don't see is how tired they are after I leave. He-he!

Video Clip - Daddy's TDY is final over and he came home last night for good! Well, good until the next TDY or deployment anyways. But I LOVE when he comes around the corner and I see his truck heading my way!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Her name is...

Mommy Blog - We have finally decided for sure that we are naming our little girl...

Abbigail Grace Heck
Who knows if her name will get shortened to "Abby" or not (although Thomas can already say the name thanks to Elmo and his friend Abby). I had intentions on calling Thomas by the nickname "Tommy", but we all know where that has gone - NOWHERE. So, meanwhile, as long as I can yell "Thomas and Abbigail" in one sentence, then we did good picking a name. Actually, Brian and I really do think it is a pretty name and we can't wait to meet our little girl soon.

Truck and Boat

Video Clip - It just tickles me to death to see Thomas so excited (and serious at the same time) about his Daddy's truck and boat. Here is Brian pulling out of the driveway with boat attached to go fill up with gas (expensive weekend) and Thomas is sure to tell you what is happening.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day birthday party!

I got to jump all around a HUGE bouncy castle today at Chris' birthday party! I jumped, tumbled, fell, ran and tripped all over the bouncy castle and had a super time.

I also got to take a few swings at the Pinata that was filled with candy!

Horse ride - Neighhhh!

Who would have believed that there was a (minature) horse and a donkey to ride at the birthday party today? As much as I like horses, Mommy & Daddy were both surprised that I put the helmet on and got on the horse and had a GREAT time! Here we are getting ready to go for my first ride...
Whoa... ride 'em cowboy!
I couldn't wait to go back for my 2nd ride - this time I went with Daddy!
Big 'ol cheesy grin - can you tell I am having a blast?

Video Clip - Me and the horsie who says, "Neighh!"

Truck Heaven

You wouldn't believe that there were 2 electric trucks to ride at Chris' birthday party today. At first, there was this one - the pink Barbie truck. Who cares what color it is, right? For god's sake... it is a TRUCK... need I say more? I had so much fun, although my driving is not very fluid, I still got around.
I even picked up older girls around the yard and gave them a spin...
... but as soon as I saw the NEW BIRTHDAY Truck (which was much more manly)...
... I had to go and try the real John Deer Tractor out.
Is this not amazing or what Mom?
It even has a truck bed that I can haul stuff around (like the soccer ball). Check out the big, beefy tires that this truck has too. Daddy called this the "Little Man Tractor."
GRANDPARENT DISCLAIMER - Mommy & Daddy do NOT want you to buy this type of electric toy for my upcoming birthday... they say I have to learn how to pedel on a bike first. Maybe for my 3rd birthday.

Video Clip - Enjoying a ride with my girlfriend, Nikki.

Video Clip - Driving the cool, pink truck!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Schedule

Mommy Blog - So, I get a lot of questions on what my daily schedule is like with Brian TDY or deployed - basically, how do Thomas and I spend our days???? One word - routine. Yes, it is true that I have to be flexible with a toddler, but for the most part we have the same kind of routine each day. For weekdays (with school & daycare), a typical schedule looks like this:

4:45 am - my alarm goes off; shower and get ready
5:30 - wake my sleeping little boy and get him dressed for the day
5:40 - in the car heading to school & daycare; Thomas has sippy cup of milk and cereal to snack on for the trip
6:15 - dropping Thomas off at daycare
6:25 - walking into school for the day
6:15 to 3:15ish - Thomas is at daycare & I'm at school (I make it a point to leave no later than 3:15 pm so that he is not at daycare any longer than 9 hours... which is already an insane amount of time.)
3:30 to 4:15 pm - the drive home
4:15 to 5:15ish - get home, have light snack, play inside & outside and get dinner ready
5:30 - I don't like to eat any later than this... I usually have a hungry little boy
6:00 - got to take Ziggy for a walk around the neighborhood
6:30 - starting the bedtime routine (brush teeth, potty, tubby bath, read books)
7:00 pm - Thomas is fast asleep!!!!!! (and Mommy is wiped out)
7:00 to about 9:00 - cleanup, check emails/blogs, talk with Brian if possible, do schoolwork and do homework for graduate online class, go to bed!

Weekends have more flexibility - we usually sleep in until the 6 o'clock hour sometime; we eat breakfast together, play and do house chores (laundry, change linens & vacuum) in the AM. We get our grocery shopping done, hit the pool or beach and take care of Ziggy as well. Obviously, it is not nearly as regimented, but we still have structure. If there is no structure... I would go insane (that is the Type "A" personality in me). Anyway... that is a typical daily schedule for us.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hitting the beach

We hit the beach pretty early today - 9am we were there. Mommy's reasoning is it gets so hot so quickly that if we are there early, we can get some play time in and some sun (but not the "so-intense-burn-your-butt-off-sun"). As you can tell, Daddy and me stayed pretty busy jumping waves today. I took a few blows to the face with saltwater, but nothing I couldn't handle. Daddy says that saltwater makes you feel better and stay tough - apparently the words of a fisherman.

This is Mommy's idea of a funny moment - I'm sure I won't appreciate it when I'm older. Actually, I loved how low this water spout was for me... I could wash my feet and arms off all by myself and mom just helped with my face and head (& cute butt).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Surprise for Daddy

Mommy and me planned a little surprise for Daddy today when he was driving home to see us - it involved yummy brownies and a home-made "Congratulations" balloon! The best part was we got to eat it after dinner with vanilla ice cream and it was delicious!

Prepping the ingredients

Video Clip - Enjoying the clean up

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Congratulations to Master Sergeant (MSgt) Brian Heck for making rank! Whoo-Hoo... it is time to celebrate and party!

Linked to the pregnancy?

Mommy Blog - In the last few days, I have noticed a change in Thomas' behavior both at bedtime and when I bring him to daycare in the morning. At first, I didn't think much of it, but after the 3rd and 4th time, I'm starting to wonder if his actions are linked to the baby (or rather me being pregnant)?????

As I said in an earlier blog entry, Thomas is now sleeping very comfortably in his toddler bed and also sleeping through the night without getting up (thank the heavenly stars). Matter of fact, when he is ready to get up, he sits up and calls out to us for us to come and get him. OK... back to his change... At night, Thomas doesn't spend as much time (really only about a minute) snuggling and saying good night to me or Brian. He happily climbs into this bed and gets cozy. We do the normal kisses and "goodnights" and then leave his bedroom like we always have. But now, after 10-20 minutes, Thomas is still awake and crys out to me. At first I go in, rock him and then put him down again. But after the 3rd time in just a matter of moments, I know he is fine and can't understand what the problem is. Finally, I go in, tell him firmly "its time to go night-night" and lay him down, kiss him and leave. That usually does the trick. But where is this change of behavior coming from? Is it the age (will be 2 in one month) or does it have something to do with me being quite pregnant and him really becoming clingy & needy?

At daycare in the morning, I've noticed a similar behavior. After our normal routine of putting things away in his cubby in his classroom, I get a hug and kiss from him and then he usually goes running off to play with one of his favorite toys or books. Lately, he has been hesitant on running off. Matter of fact, he usually clings to me and wants more snuggles and kisses. After a few moments of that (which I love all the kisses), he is then usually ready to wave goodbye to me at the window and go play. But again, what is going on with his change in behavior? Hmm?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Video Clip - Too funny!

Mother's Day Treat

We took Mommy & Nana out to brunch this morning for Mother's Day - she said it was quite a treat to have a day with both of her boys. Hey... if the simple things will make Mommy happy then I'm all for them.
Looking for boats (and fish)
Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

Summer has officially begun

Pool time has arrived! This weekend Poppie opened up his pool for the season and it was great!
Of course, the first toe into the water is always a little chilly (80+ degrees), but once you are in the water feels wonderful.

Gotta have snacks at the pool
I even have a sand box for my trucks and helicopters
Yes... I am methodical when it comes to lining up my trucks & helicoptors - I like them just right!