Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve day preps, quirks, queries, pics... and Gingerbread Men!

You know your kids are totally Alaskan-ized when they ask, "How does Santa land his sleigh on the grass in Florida with no snow?"

I feel totally obligated to make one last run to Target or Kohl's today because Abby just asked me, "What kind of Christmas 'jammies are you & Daddy each going to wear tonight on Christmas Eve?"  Clearly she sees & knows the importance of being dressed properly for the holiday.  And I have nothing to wear.

As if it is totally normal for everyone {and I do mean everyone, even those with out small children} to have their own elf at their house during the holidays (thank you Elf on the Shelf), Marilyn asked Nana on the phone yesterday, "What's your elf's name?  Ours is Rumphy!" 

I'm still crossing my fingers no one has caught on yet, but none of the kids have noticed that Mommy & Daddy wrap presents in the same few kinds of wrapping paper that Santa does.  I realize that if I don't change my ways soon, someone is going to notice and start to wonder.

Although I did get most of my Christmas shopping done early this year, it is now the day before Christmas and I only have one stocking stuffer for each kid.  Gheez... how did I let this get away from me?  Out to the stores I must go now...  with kids in tow!

I'm not sure why on earth it just hit me but we are going to have to get rid of a LOT of snow gear before we move away from Alaska - sleds, snowshoes, boots, snow pants & jackets, tons of hats & gloves and snow toys, OH MY!

We headed downtown to see the holiday lights in downtown square...
 ... and to enjoy some hot chocolate & dessert!
Vacations are so rough - Morning hot chocolate & marshmallows while enjoying cartoons!
 Wishing Hannah a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

And finally, the much anticipated Gingerbread Man decorating night!!!!

 My perfectionist.
 I'm pretty sure Daddy was not a very good influence on Marilyn,
 and Abby.
 Can we say "sugar high?"
 Was Rudolph this cute?

 The finished goods!
 And as you can tell, Daddy took it to an all new level - marshmallow earrings & teeth caps.


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