Monday, December 30, 2013

Marilyn's Big Girl Bedroom!

After having baby furniture in our house for a steady 6.5 years, it was finally time to say goodbye to it and give Marilyn a big girl bedroom that she (as well as us) could be excited about.
It didn't take long to find a young couple who had just had a baby to sell the entire baby stuff to (all of it - crib, changing table, dresser and glider/ottoman). We gave it to them for a steal and in return found a brand new dresser that we thought would work great in Marilyn's room.  The other purchase we made was this used sleigh bed that we had every intention of refurbishing to fit nicely in the girly room we wanted to create for our youngest.
Here's what we started with Saturday afternoon:
The sanding process...

Then came the primer last night...
And because this was how we spent our Saturday night, what better way to enjoy it than with a few glasses of wine while Brian and I worked together in the garage.

By this morning, the bed was ready for the "perfect" color.

Can you believe this is the transformation this sleigh bed went through?
Back in the house, we cleared out Marilyn's room.  As much as I wanted and was ready to move Marilyn into a big girl bed, I would remiss if I didn't say that I gave pause to take in this milestone moment - the baby stuff is officially gone. *sigh* (sniff-sniff)
Here she is patiently awaiting her big girl stuff.

And of course, her sidekick.
I tried to push most of the junk toward the closet & give the girls plenty of space to play while they waited.

And finally...
Marilyn's Big Girl Bedroom...

 I love how the dresser (a deep dark brown) off sets the bright pastels all around the room. 

 I love that we still have & use the Pinocchio that was once Brian's as a young child.
 I also love the bright colors found in the homemade curtains & valance that Grannie made for Marilyn when we first moved into our house two years ago.

 Actually, there is one thing left from the girls' baby things - the baby blanket that I had mounted and hung as wall decoration.  I love how simple it is and how the pastel colors still tie in.
And here's what the big girl thinks of her new room:

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