Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (Arctic Bound edition)

  • I'm headed out of town for a weekend worth of Admin Duty.  Not only do I get to enjoy watching girls basketball, I get to cross off something new on my Bucket List... headed north of the Arctic Circle!  Pictures and stories to follow after the weekend!
  • With me out of town, Daddy is in charge.  Let's see if the kids allow that to happen (he-he)!
  • I've warned Daddy that Abby is prone to sneak into our bed at night when she knows he is TDY - she might do the same with me gone.  I actually think Daddy might be looking forward to it so he can have some secret snuggles with her.
  • I've told the kids that they need to do a good job of taking care of Daddy while I'm gone - extra hugs & kisses as well as back rubb'ins are a perfect way!  I have a feeling they might spoil him.
  • Thomas is on the verge of losing his first tooth.  If this happens while I'm gone, I'm going to feel like I've missed a major milestone with my baby boy.  Maybe I should tell him to just eat jello all weekend until I get back?
  • A huge snow storm is forcasted for Anchorage this weekend.  Why must I be gone when all the snow fun is going to happen?
  • I can't believe there are only 12 days left until Christmas.  Craziness.
  • I also can't believe my partner in crime will be the big 4-0 in just a few days!
  • Our Elf, Rumpy, returned last weekend and has had the kids extra excited all week long.  They absolutely love waking up and going to find where he is hiding and what silliness he has gotten in to.
  • Speaking of Rumpy, I overheard Thomas ask him (in all seriousness) if he would please leave a short wish list for us so we knew what to get him for Christmas.  Too precious.  The next morning, Thomas was super excited to find 3 things Rumpy would like - chocolate kisses, Purple Elf socks and a ride on one of his toy trucks!

Happy Friday, ya'll!  

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