Monday, December 31, 2007

4-generation Sullivan visit

We just got back from our 10 day Christmas vacation up north in MD, NJ and VA visiting lots of friends and family. Enjoy!
"Huh, you don't say?" Actually, I was listening to what Daddy and Grandpa were talking about and Mommy happened to catch me listening. I also figured that because we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Christmas Day, I should be appropriately dressed in hat and slippers. What do you think?
Grandma Liz and me!
Grandpa and me playing with lots of toys by the fireplace.

This is our 4-generation Sullivan picure: Grandpa, Grandma Sullivan, me and Mommy. Can you believe my great-grandma is 92 years old? Doesn't she look great?

I even got to go to Grandma Liz's work one day and visit her. She scooped me up and walked me around to see everyone in the store (employees and customers alike). We had such a good time visiting her and Grandpa (and also Uncle Joe) at their house in VA.

Fun in the cold weather

All I can say is "FUN"! Mommy and Daddy took me to the playground around the corner from Mom-mom and Pop-pop's house. I took my first swing ride and went on the slide (with help of course). Notice the hat and mittens mommy had bought a few weeks back - they definately came in handy in the cold weather.

Visiting Mom-mom and Pop-pop

Between Mom-mom and Pop-pop, they never put me down. I was loved on and kissed on the whole time we were visiting them in Baltimore. I also got to see my Aunt Kady and Uncle Travis while we stayed at their house along with lots of other Heck relatives at the Christmas party. I sure can't remember who everyone is, but I know that I met a lot of people who knew who I was. I loved it!

Playing with Pop-pop with lots of new toys!

There was even a kitty at their house. I had never really been this close to a kitty before, so I really wanted to pet her. But Daddy realized very quickly that she had claws and was not very fond of little hands on her fur. Um!

Sleeping at the table

As you can tell, our little guy just couldn't keep his eyes open this night at the dinner table. Poor guy fought it, but in the end - was perfectly content sleeping at the table. Don't worry...moments later we tucked him into bed.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I met Santa!

I met the "big, jolly guy with the white beard" this weekend. Can you believe that Santa came early this year? I really liked him and couldn't wait to pull his beard. He couldn't believe that I was 6 months old already. I probably would have sat on his lap all afternoon, except the line was getting long and lots of other little kids wanted to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. I told Santa that all I wanted for Christmas was my two front teeth. Actually - at this very moment, I have two teeth that have just poked through and are officially in. Daddy
calls them my snaggle tooth.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wish you were here!

Wish you were here!

Winter Swimming

This was actually my first full-on swim in a was wonderful. You can't beat a heated pool so you can swim in December. As you can see - I'm a natural. Mommy and daddy could have let me go and I would have kicked all around the pool. Notice I even came prepared with my pool robe to stay dry afterward when we strolled (actually I rode) along the beach.

Salt water makes the Fisherman

Daddy has been telling me from the start that a real fisherman (no matter how small) has got to get some salt water on his skin. Well...I did just that. We dipped into the Gulf of Mexico today...although just feeties...and it felt GREAT!

Classy beach bum

Aren't I a classy beach bum? You can dress the kid up, but he is still a beach bum in the sand. I love the way the sand feels on my feeties and in my fingers and toes. Mommy was a little worried that I was going to eat it...I will wait until next summer to do that.

St. Pete Beach "vacation"

We ended up going down to south Florida this week because mommy had a teachers conference there. This was mine and daddy's excuse to get away and have a mini-vacation with mommy. So, while she was in class for a few days...daddy and I got to hang out. We did neat stuff like going on a run on the beach in the morning (when all of the ocean birdies are out) and go look at boat and fishing stores (ha-ha). But each day, mommy would come get us when she was done and we would hit the beach. I love this!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tubby Bath Time

I love my tubby bath nights. Actually, I have always loved taking a bath...since the first time. Now I can sit up and play in the bath...I love the toys, splashing the water (everywhere), and getting squeeky clean.

Fun times with Daddy

I love "Ebay-ing" with Daddy. Actually, some times I help Daddy check his email and other times we just "surf." Good stuff.

Nothing is better than face-to-face and some close up time together with my Daddy!

Where did they come from?

Mommy has been wanting to get some new "quick-and-easy-wipe-down" bibs since I'm eating baby veggies
Did you know that these things come with pockets on the bottom? Apparently it is supposed to catch the food that drops. But instead........mine had my toys in them. I just couldn't figure out how to get my toys out of the pockets. I'm working on that though.

Getting ready for the cold weather

Getting ready for the cold weather...
Mommy was so excited to order me my first winter hat and gloves for our trip up north next month for Christmas. They arrived in the mail today, and, you can see...I had to try them on for her. Doesn't it seem silly that a Florida boy like me is wearing this?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Um, Um, Yummy!

We started real (baby) food today! Because it is Thanksgiving week, Mommy thought it was fitting to start with yummy Sweet Potatoes! I LOVED them! I can't wait to have more. Mommy also seems to think that she will be investing in some soft plastic bibs which wipe down easily as opposed to using my "drool" bibs when are clearly going to be stained from this point forward.

Can everyone say "Yummy"!

I know the hat is big, but I keep telling Daddy that I am ready for my first fishing hat. I already have my first (little kid) fishing rod, I just need the gear now.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm 5 months old already

My mommy and me!

I'm sitting up by myself (for atleast 10 seconds)!

I'm 5 months old already - I'm eating cereal in the morning and at night. Before long, I will be eating vegtables and fruit. I love my walker and playing on my blanket where I can roll over and play with all of my toys. No teeth yet, but I drool constantly. Yes...I realize the hair is out of control and sticking up - mommy says that is from Daddy's side of the family.