Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whole (again... finally!)

Deployment Complete - Heck Family is whole again! I'm not going to bore you with my commentary... just gonna let you in on how our morning went.

Heck Family - April 2010
But before the guys arrived home, lots of waiting and lots of emotions...

The 3 Amigos waiting and waiting and waiting for the RED HORSE daddies to arrive home...
... seconds after Thomas ran into the arms of Daddy.
I wanted to give the boys their space as they kissed and hugged and just had their moment.
A father-son hug

A very happy mom to have her son home

Finally... baby girl got to go to her Daddy...
Daddy & his two munchkins

Thomas telling Daddy what dinasaurs do...
Thomas didn't leave Brian's side ALL day long

Daddy and Abby

Emotions caught up with Thomas and it hit him that Daddy was really home!

One tuckered out little girl with all the HomeComing excitement!

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