Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parenting the third time around

After reading what my dear friend's thoughts were about her own family (she also has 3 sweet darlings at home), I thought I would share my version of what parenting the third time around looks like. 

While we were first-time parents, I admit that I was possibly a bit afraid of what I didn't know.  Opposite to that, as second & certainly third-time parents, I think it's safe to say that I was afraid of what we do: sleepless nights and crying spells. But truth be told, it's those prior experiences with #1 and even #2 that can make the next time around so different -- and so much better. Armed with both knowledge and the wisdom that comes from having more friends with kids, we were able to hit round two & three of parenthood with more confidence, ease, and joy.  Let it be known that despite the fact we are on our third child, we do not do everything right.  Oeh Vey, we definitively are still learning and figuring out this parenting thing. 
  • Marilyn gets far more freedom than Thomas & Abby ever would have.  Maybe because we aren't scared of something happening like we were with just Thomas, or maybe it's because she has an older brother & sister around to keep an eye on her, or shoot... maybe it's because we are just crazy busy and whatever she's doing doesn't seem *that* bad, right?
  • She does things we never would have thought "safe" or acceptable for a 2.5 year old.  Want to sit on a stool at the counter?  Sure, go ahead. Want to go sledding down the steep snow hill all by yourself?  Sure deal, try it kid!  Want to play a game on the iPad/iPhone while I make dinner? If it means you'll be quiet, knock yourself out!
  • Marilyn still uses a NUK (pacifier).  Although it hasn't been painful (for Thomas or Abby or even me) to get rid of them before the age of three years old, I would have thought I learned some kind of lesson with #1 and #2 about letting the baby, the toddler, and now the almost-preschooler keep a NUK.
Don't let anyone with more than one kid fool you - we are all still learning and figuring this parenting thing out... day by day... week by week.  Maybe by the time they are in college, it will be more clear and what we should and shouldn't be doing.

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