Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebrating our Heros

As we remember and give thanks to all who have served both past & present
on this Memorial Day Weekend,
I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures of our family's hero.
Thank you Brian/Daddy for all you do everyday - I hope you know how proud you make us.

April 2010
The boys reunited after 8 months apart.
 Already 8.5 months old, Abby sees her Daddy for the first time
since she was 3 weeks old.
 Daddy with Thomas & Abby
 There is no such thing as too many kisses.
 It was almost like meeting for the first time...
 Overcome with emotion & realizing that Daddy was really home for good.

 May 2012
 Marilyn enjoying an early morning snack with Daddy before he heads to work.

April 2005
Long before kids, it was just me and Brian.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hit or Miss, blogging break

Those of you who follow HeckLures' Adventures regularly know by now that it has been hit or miss for the last few weeks with blog posts.  And what a crummy time to do it - summer starting, birthdays here and around the corner, summer visitation has begun and the wildlife is out in full force. 

However, I'm in the finally two weeks of my coursework for my M.Ed and it is overwhelming at times to say the least.  Getting on to the blog and posting has been a stress inducer for sure despite how many stories and pictures I have to share from the last few weeks.  Today at naptime I just bit the bullet and said "screw it" and posted.  I tried to be brief but say enough so that our memories are captured - and most importantly, you all could see how the kids are doing. 

I'm sorry it has seemed like I'm taking a blogging break (from time to time I just get burnt out with everything going on and just need to stay away from the computer) but in this case, I have been on the computer so much with school (and even applying for teaching & district level positions) that blogging has had to take a backseat.  I know the end is near for coursework... I have to give myself daily peptalks and reminders.  These late nights (although the sun is still up at 11:30pm when I've forced myself to the bedroom) are numbered and I will soon be free of research & writing for the summer break.  It is just a matter of getting through it now.  I'm hopefully.  And I'm so ready.

Baby Moose & her Mama

Last weekend, we were blessed with some beautiful visitors in our backyard.
This baby moose & her Mama have been hanging around quite a bit lately and they are simply amazing to watch.
Oh the wildlife in Alaska is unbelievable.

Case in point, Brian saw this fella crossing the road on the way home from work a few days ago.
The moose (or is it meeses?) seem to be everywhere now that spring is in full affect.

When it's not your birthday...

... and your baby sister is getting presents,
this is how a certain middle child felt on Thursday.
Life is so rough for you Abbigail.

 Finally, everything was right in the world when she realized that the birthday girl would share with her.  Smiles, giggles and laughing resumed. *sigh*

A new 1-year old in the house!

I've said this same thing with all my kiddos... where has the time gone?
I can not believe how fast one year has flown by.
I felt like it was just the other week/month that we packed up and left Florida when Marilyn was a mere 8 weeks old...

And now our baby girl is 1-years old and considered to be a toddler.
 Marilyn had her 12-month (1 year) well baby check up this week and the stats are in:
weight - 20.6 lbs (43 percentile)
height - 29.25 inches (59 percentile)
There is no doubt that in the last month or two since she began cruising furniture and then walking that she has gotten stronger, slimmed up in her legs and has been eating like a truck driver! 
 For her birthday this week, we did what we have done with all the kids on their first birthdays...
made a little homemade cake and served it on our "You are Special Today" red plate.
 Thomas and Abby helped decorate both Marilyn's cake and the cupcakes that we would be eating while she helped herself to the cake.
 As you can tell, the cake and cupcakes were decorated with love & sprinkles!
 And the birthday girl loved it.
Although she wasn't so sure about the candle flame and the singing of happy birthday,
once that cake was in front of her and there were no boundaries & limitations...
she was in hog heaven!
 And yes, that is a big goose egg on her forehead.
Yes, it was bleeding earlier that day.
That is what happens when you have a new 1-year old who is walking everywhere but unfortunately her body is going faster than her legs & feet can keep up.
Sometimes there are falls & crashes that result in bumps & bruises.
Best remedy though is lots & lots of hugs and kisses.

Next stop... tubby bath so that we can be clean for presents!
 Although it was just us for her birthday celebration, I just wanted to thank all of our friends and family who were thinking about Marilyn on her special day and helped celebrate from afar.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Marilyn!

Happy 1st Birthday Marilyn!
To our baby girl who is growing up just way too fast...
We love you from the deepest part of our hearts,
Mommy, Daddy, Thomas & Abbigail

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Excessive piggy tails?

In true Abby fashion, she insisted on piggy tails this morning. 
But she didn't stop there - she wanted more than just her normal two.
This is what we ended up with:
 Thank goodness we didn't go anywhere this morning!
 Although she is cute looking unicorn.

 The morning got even funnier when she decided she wanted to wear one of her princess costumes...
clearly the extra piggy tail completed the outfit, right?
 Here she is with one of her bear friends at the picnic table feeding him breakfast.

 Here she is sitting side-saddle on the Red Rider while she plays a game on my iPhone.
 Deciding who to call next.
 100% silly, goofy and oh-so funny!

As cute as she is, her 2-year old attitude has been shining through this week in the worst and ugliest way towards Thomas & Marilyn (frankly all of us).
Daddy found this picture and thought it was a perfect example of what we have been experiencing.
 Surely the Terrible Twos will end soon, right?