Sunday, February 24, 2008

Big week...

Look - no hands mom (my new car seat)!

It has been a big week for me - I am really getting this crawling thing down...both my front end, as well as my back end, seem to be coordinated now and working together. Of course, I am also trying to walk everywhere. Matter of fact, I have gotten bold enough to start working my way around my play table and the ottoman in family room. Of course, I'm always looking to see where mommy is just in case I need to reach out. Something else new that happened this week is I got a new car seat. I'm not allowed to face forward just yet (because I'm less than 1 yr.), but it is just a like a lazy boy chair - very comfortable. Lastly, mommy let me try a baby biscuit for a snack this weekend and I LOVE these things. The down side is for mommy - they are very MESSY! At least I'm one step closer to trying to feed myself.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Skater 'jammies

I'm feeling very cool in my "skater" PJs that my cousin Jake and Aunt Jenny sent me to wear. I almost feel like a big boy in them. Don't mind the drool that you see...I'm still teething and really can't help the fact that there is always drool around me.

A nice day for a walk

As you can see clearly...I am ready to walk. This really has mommy worried, because I've not yet mastered crawling. This past week, we had a couple of really nice days and we spent a lot of the day outside where I got to do my "walking" thing. I get so excited that my feet starting going a mile-a-minute!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Daddy

The night before daddy had to leave, I thought I could help him with his last few things he needed to pack. As you can see, his bags are HUGE! He has 3 of them and I'm quite sure that there is enough room for him to pack me in there. Unfortunately, daddy said that he couldn't take me on this deployment because mommy can't live without me. Ummmm...that makes sense. But then daddy told me that I had to stay here with her so that I can take care of her while he is gone. So...that is what I am going to do until daddy comes home. The picture of daddy & me was taken early (3:30 am) in the morning when we were loading up the car...I had just woken up and definately needed a good morning snuggle from daddy.
I sure do miss him already.

I see you, Ziggy!

I'm not sure if you can tell or not - but I really am starting to scooch forward. Now, I get up on my knees and rock back and forth and I can even push myself to a sitting position. I just haven't mastered moving on my knees and also moving my hands. I'm getting there though...patience is what I keep telling mommy & daddy!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend at Grandmas

This past weekend, Mommy & Daddy took a trip to Biloxi & I got to stay at Grannie & Poppie's house. That means lots of loving, playing and getting spoiled. This is Sunday morning as we are reading the newspaper ads!

I'm really trying to do a lot of "standing" lately, especially with my toy basket and music cube that I got for Christmas. Each side of the cube plays a different nursery song when I pat on it (or bang as you can see in one of the pictures). My favorite song so far is "The wheels on the bus...!" I think mommy & daddy are starting to get worried that I might walk before I crawl - things will really get fun then.

My daddy & me!

I practically jumped into Daddy's arms when we all came home from work and school today! I love my daddy!

Has anyone seen my cow?

Its tough work finding my cow at the bottom of one of my toy baskets. Mommy was laughing so hard when she looked over and saw that I had dug into the toys (all the way)!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lots of fun!

Soccer Butt...
Just hanging around as Daddy is cooking some dinner.

One sunny Florida afternoon in the sun on the back porch...just having some fun.

I absolutely LOVE to have Daddy toss me in the air and do the "roller coaster!" I'm strapped into my carseat and he swings me over his head! Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Lots of fun.