Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting ready for the weekend & fishing

Friday afternoon was when I got to be Daddy's "deckhand" on the boat. We were busy getting the boat ready for the next day when Mommy & Daddy were taking the boat out for a test run (and a "fishing date"). You can tell by the pictures, Daddy & me were messing around quite a bit while we were working.

The Captain & 1st mate

Helping out any way I can...
Daddy said you always have to have plenty of ice on the boat just in case you bring home the big fish. Low & behold, this is where the "prized fish" will go when they catch it tomorrow. Daddy & Mommy started laughing when I realize that was all ice and I wanted to play with it because of how COLD it was...
1st mate reporting for duty! Actually I'm trying to hide from Mommy while we play hide-n-seek on the boat. Daddy said that once I'm comfortable on the boat (while it is on land), then we will get a lifejacket for me and I can go for a short ride out on the water. I can't wait!

Daddy's & Mommy's Fishing Date

Saturday I got to stay home and spend the day with Nana while Daddy & Mommy went out on the boat and had a "fishing date." Mommy said that they had a great day out on the water getting some sun and catching some fish. Check out their pictures...
Daddy caught the first fish of the morning... Mahi-Mahi. He made a very good dinner that night.

We snagged JAWS - well, not really! But Daddy sure did fight this "fish" thinking it was going to be a good grouper or amberjack. Oh well - Daddy was careful to remove his hook and off he swam into the blue waters.

Notice what the boat inspector is doing... checking to make sure that the Captain of the boat is doing a thorough cleaning job. "Hey Daddy... you missed a spot down here."

Mommy is just as funking as Daddy is after a long day of fishing - no worries, I still gave her some kisses!

The Customs Inspector - checking out the merchandise (or rather, dinner!)

A Rainy Day...

In the middle of this past week, we had a good stormy day and I took full advantage of it when Mommy and I got home from school. We headed out on the front porch to watch the rain drops and I just couldn't help myself... I had to get wet in the puddles! As you can see... I had a great time!

Just hanging out with Daddy (and being silly)!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm just like my Daddy...

I'm just like my Daddy in so many ways...

Just in case you haven't had an opportunity to see the "Welcome Home" article and video in the Northwest Florida Daily news - click here -

and here -

"Daddy Time"

These last few days with Daddy home have been so much fun! From the moment I wake up in the morning until I pass out in the evening - Daddy is amazed at how much I do and how fast I go. He told Mommy, "no wonder you were tired for these last 7 months without me!" The best part about having Daddy home is just being with him...

Daddy's Homecoming!

Wednesday was Daddy's Homecoming after 7 very long months! Here we are waiting at the airport - both Mommy and I are excited but also pretty nervous. Mommy told me later that Daddy was nervous too because he wasn't sure that I was going to remember him - no way could I forget him - I have pictures all over my room of Daddy & Me!

Look at me and Daddy celebrating him being home (and look at all of these great balloons!) Can you tell that it was a good day for all of us?

Mommy, Daddy & me (again at last)!

Daddy & Mommy getting ready to leave the airport after listening to a debrief from the boss. Now Daddy gets to have some much-needed-and-much-deserved time off.

Mommy & Daddy kissing & catching up!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mommy laughed...

Mommy laughed at me and Ziggy all weekend...
Both of us being silly
In the picture below, I had just finished playing in my pool (fully dressed... mmm, Mommy didn't expect that) and I was in between wet clothes and new dry clothes. Mommy laughed and said that only a toddler can get away with playing outside dressed like me... butt naked!

Cooling off with Nana

It may be autumn, but it is still HOT in Florida. I went and saw Nana on Saturday and cooled off with her in her pool.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Come here... I've got some big news!

Today, we were playing outside before dinner and Mommy called me over because she had some big news to share. So, I strolled on over to where she was...
And then she told me. As you can see by my expression - I'm so excited...
... to find out that Daddy is coming home in just a few more DAYS. Yes, days (not weeks). No details yet, but we hope to hear something this weekend. It's been 7 very long months since I wrapped my arms around Daddy and had his kisses. Can't wait...

Cleaning up!

I'm getting better about helping Mommy clean up my mess before tubby time each night. Tonight I helped pick up my stuffed animals and put them back on my bookshelf - aren't I such a big boy? I also held one of my books tonight and I "read" it to Mommy. Don't get me wrong, I still really like it when Mommy holds the book while I sit in her lap and she reads it to me... I'm in charge of turning the pages ALWAYS though...

Getting undressed for tubby time - I think my ears are caught on the shirt...
Yes, I figured out how to dump an entirely filled up tubby bucket (big muscles) and even "drink" from it. I had Mommy laughing big time tonight.

Um - Yummy!

Yes, those are Milkbones that I have in my mouth (again)! I figured since Mommy always makes a big deal about me putting them in my mouth (I don't really eat them... rather try to suck on them), I would really show off for her. I just think it is so funny to drive both Mommy and Ziggy crazy when I do this...

(notice the backup in my right hand)

(sucking on the Milkbone like it is a lollipop)

It's just too funny not to laugh...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Suds, Crayons & Wedgies

What fun we had taking a tubby bath tonight! Mommy bought me a set of bath crayons and we got to draw all over the walls and even on me. I had a little help from Mommy - but don't you like it? You will have to excuse the last picture mommy included here... she just died laughing and wanted the world to see my diaper "wedgie" that I had when we got undressed for tubbie time. Like she has never had a wedgie or something? Gheez, it wasn't that funny Mommy.

Diaper "Wedgie"

Mixed Mickey Mouse Shoes

Earlier this week, Mommy brought out another bag of "hand-me-downs" from my older cousin Jake - and look what great Mickey Mouse Crocs were in there... both a yellow and a red pair. I love to put them on (with Mommy's help) and run around the house showing off my Mickeys, but tonight I just couldn't help myself - I wanted both colors on my feet at the same time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Accident & Injury

The morning did not start out well at all. Mommy, Ziggy and I were returning from our morning walk when the accident happened. I was eating my Cheerios and drinking my milk in my stroller and Mommy was pushing my stroller while holding Ziggy's leash. All of sudden out of the morning dawn light, a kitty cat jumped out of the tall brush and Ziggy went crazy and jerked Mommy and her arm a couple feet to the left. Unfortunately, her hand pulled my stroller with her and it toppled over with me in it. It wasn't pretty and there was blood. The good news is the stroller broke my fall and I ended up with some scrapes on my arm, but also a "hole" in my head. OK, well not exactly a hole... more like a gash where a little rock cut me. Blood was oozing and I screamed. But, Mommy kept her wits about her and quickly got us home where I received excellent First Aid and A LOT of EXTRA LOVE from Mommy. By the early afternoon, my "hole" was nicely healing and I should be as good as new soon.

A "Boo-Boo" Toy

Is this really for me? Oh my gosh... it looks like so much fun! Because I got "hurt" today, Grannie and Poppie bought me a boo-boo toy... an ATV rider. No, don't worry - it isn't battery operated (mommy said absolutely none of those kind of toys at my age)! Anyway, Poppie put it together today and brought it over to me. Can you tell that I am just loving it? The handles turn the vehicle which ever direction I want to go and it has big chunky wheels that can drive over grass or on the cement. I love it!

Can't you tell that I'm really hurt? Yeah... I think I just about fooled everyone.
I even got Grannie to push me for a little bit while I put my feet up for a rest... I'm just so spoiled it is not even funny.
By the way - I am wearing my FSU Football t-shirt because today is the 'Noles' first football game of the season. This is a shout out to Auntie Jen & Uncle Ash... Go 'Noles!