Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snips & Snaps

Without any further delay... some snips & snaps (pictures) taken with my BRAND NEW CAMERA from this week in the evening after dinner while we played out in the back yard. With the cooling temps, I can tell that this will now be a nightly routine - and I'm loving it!

I know I didn't include much commentary - but I think there are some very obvious things. Whether it was a stick, a ball (or lots of them) or even a shovel...when you add that in with snuggles, giggles, and kisses... it is the best time of the entire day... when its you and the kids... and there is no where else you would rather be.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My new favorite toy

Here it is - the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS5!  This is my upgrade camera after the slight mishap this summer when the last one accidently dropped into the Bay.  Oops.  I'm not complaining now.  It may have taken a few months, but at least my hubby was kind enough to lend me his little Kodak Easy Share (I call it the rinky-dink one he takes to the desert with him).  But none the less... it did the job. 

However... now I'm really in action.  I can't wait to start snapping away!  Hopefuylly this week I will have Professional looking pictures to upload.  Ha... who am I kidding... they will never be professional... but at least they will look 10x better than what I have been taking.  I'm way excited!  Watch out Thomas & Abbigail... Mommy has a new camera and she's not afraid to use it!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Private Reflections

In reflecting what the purpose of my blog is (see "Why Blog?"), I realized that I want to share this with my children one day.  Already they enjoy the pictures and videos that I post of them and all they do each day, but one day when they can read & are interested - I would like to share all of these memories with them.  Their milestones, their funnies, their young personalities, their challenges and their love.  All of it I want to be able to take in and know that it is so very important to me to capture what our lives are like with them in it.  After all, it is Thomas & Abbigail who have made both Brian and myself much better people and who have taught us to love more than we ever thought we could.

So... with all of that said, I have decided to remove any more blog entries that don't directly reflect Thomas & Abbigail and how each of them are making every day full & rich to every extent.  I've decided that indeed a personal journal/diary is what I rely on to handle the ups & downs of life - but my public family blog is not the place for that nor are they always thoughts that I want Thomas & Abbigail to read about when I want the HeckLures' Adventures to be about them.

Instead, I have started a private blog for these other reflections.  It will serve as my diary.  No unsolicited comments, no worry that I will hurt someone's feelings about my opinions and this blog will serve as a way for me to reflect on the joys & happiness I experience each and every day all the while handling the stresses & frustrations that come along with being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and inlaw. 

King of the World


fixed direction or tendency toward some object or end.

 Feels like the king of the world

Aerial Distraction

Daddy is home.  Enough said.  Whether it is 3 weeks or 33 weeks, it always feels like it is a super long time that Daddy has been gone.  We headed to the airport today (which is connected to one of our local AFBs) and waited patiently for his delayed arrival.  To keep the troops moving, distracted, occupied and HAPPY, despite it being well past naptime, we checked out the F-16 and Osprey Helicopter which are proudly on display out in the front area of the airport.  Lots of pointing & "ohhhhs & awwwsss" by all.  To my dismay, I didn't take one picture of Daddy & the kids though once he arrived.  Bad Mommy.  Bad Mommy. 

Have I told you its OHhhhh so good to have my hubby home?

Sibling Love

I have no idea how I overlooked one of the rare pictures I have of Thomas & Abbigail together in a picture smiling!  This is from last weekend at Aunt Jen & Uncle Ash's house.  Although there are times that the sibling love doesn't shine through... it is there and this picture is taken as the two of them just got done hugging and kissing.  Sweetness at its best.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Say "Cheese"

Yeap... I'm a sucker for buying the school photographs. I'm not really sure why seeing that I take lots of pictures of my kids (some would argue too many) - there is something to be said about candid pics. Anyways, I narrowed the choice down today to these 3 different ones which were taken by the school a few weeks ago. I know I'm a bit partial to these two munchkins... but they are cuties!

She likes it all

Abby eats like a truck driver. She eats like she is 6' tall and 200 lbs. The girl has an appetite. She eats twice as fast as Thomas (that is a Sullivan trait) and also eats twice as much as him. She also wants anything that he is eating or drinking which includes all things messy, gooy, sticky and mushy. Case in point below:

Warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies. Messy!
Giving kisses while eating the messy cookies
Applesauce - it is everywhere. Hair, eyebrows, in the nose, down the shirt, on the pants, and even in the ears. That doesn't include what is on the floor.
And as proof that she wants everything her brother has... here they are last Saturday morning each enjoying a smoothie with a straw. They must drink these in the kitchen - I fear it being spilled all over the carpet and couch if not. BTW... she can drink it just as fast as he does. My question then is "where does all this food go because the girl is just so tiny?"

Friday Night Leftovers (Reunited Version)

As with every week, I anxiously wait for Friday to arrive. Some how it is a little easier to pull myself out from under the warm, cozy sheets in the early hour; there is a little more pep in my step knowing that it is the last work day of the week; anticipating the next morning when the family can just hang out in their 'jammies and not rush, rush, rush out the door. Needless to say... this Friday (TODAY) is especially a good one because my hubby/the Daddy will be home tomorrow from his extended trip. Surely this weekend will be a great one with all of us reunited again. Without further a delay... the "leftovers":
  • Haven't had a spare breath to blog this week (hense it being an entire week since the last blogging day). As always, I have plenty on my mind, but spare moments are not abundant in the evenings when there is homework to be graded, lesson plans to do, and cleaning/prepping and preparing for the next day. Before I know it - going to bed is much more appealing than sitting down at the computer to type. Sorry.
  • I'm wondering if I will resort to my morning runs next week since hubby will be home or if I will continue to run in the afternoons? Mmmmmm... run in 70ish degree weather or 90ish degree weather? Tough one. I'm thinking morning. Hello cool temps, here I come.
  • Abbigail got her first "bad" report at school this week. OK, so maybe "bad" isn't the right term... she just didn't do well at all on Monday with cooperating and having her "listening ears" on. I'm not sure if I should chalk it up to our getaway weekend and being spoiled or the fact that she is 1-years old and exerting her independence and ability to do whatever the heck she wants?
  • On the same note, Ms. D told me that she thinks Abbigail and Thomas are as different as night and day. "Thomas being the day, and Abbigail being the night" were her exact words. Mind you, Ms. D is the 1-year old class teacher and she had Thomas as well when he was that age. Apparently, Abbigail is not quite the cooperative, disciplined, easy-going child that he was at that age. Stubborn has even been used to describe Abby. Huh... who in the world does she get that from?
  • Looking forward to Daddy being home tomorrow... yeah!

All new excitement at Auntie Jen's

Last Saturday morning, the kids and I headed out of town to go and spend some quality time with Aunt Jen & Uncle Ash. They have an amazing new house that they just bought and we figured it was long overdue and about time that we spend some time with them on their own turf since they make more than their fare of trips over to the Panhandle. Check out the unbelievable fun time that was had by all (young and old).

After lunch & nap time on Saturday, we headed up to their neighborhood pool. No, this is not a water park or them park... it is the community pool. Pretty cool, huh? When Thomas & Abby saw this, I think they were in utter "aweness" and were super excited. Notice Thomas already going down the slide on the left side of the picture. Abby showed no fear also... she is headed up the steps on the right side of the picture. No worries - adult supervision was in full affect, but they went full steam ahead without a 2nd thought in looking back for us. I love the "zero entry" pool also... the fact that kids can just walk in like its a beach is super cool.
Auntie Jen & Abbers
Taking a much needed snack break...
and getting some sun with her juice box.
Sisterly love
This is the part that intimidated Thomas. He was having a great time playing and squirting and slidding and then.... it dumped. It dumped a TON of water on everyone. Needless to say, he put his guard up a little and was a bit more cautious about the dumping bucket.
He loved running all around the water... and he was insistant on you chasing him too.
Some little girl was exhausted at the end of the day... apparently too much excitement.
Sunday morning, Thomas & Mommy were up before everyone else. So... we enjoyed a morning smoothie together (which is what Thomas is trying to figure out) and a morning stroll around the neighborhood in our 'jammies.
Morning snack time with cartoons
Sunday was just as beautiful so we headed out to the park shortly after breakfast. Lots of climbing, sliding, running and exploring.

Are these beautiful Mossy Oak Trees not gorgeous? We went for a walk down by the creek & bridge and it was just sooooooooo nice with a cool breeze and the shade all around.

Thomas & me even tried to climb one of the big 'ol trees but kinda got stuck so we had to come back down.
Auntie Jen & her Abbers... 2 peas in a pod.
This is a sure sign that a good time was had by all... both of my munchkins slept almost all the way home on the 3 hour drive. Surely we will head back soon to visit Auntie Jen & Uncle Ash.