Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Their funnies

Me: Daddy, you have really out done yourself tonight with this dessert.
Marilyn: Yeah, Daddy you have really UN DONE yourself.

{Looking at a map of Alaska}
Thomas: Mom, I see where the North Pole is located (as he points).
Me: Oh, yeah.  I see that.
{Looking at a map of Florida}
Thomas: Mom, I don't see where the South Pole is? Is it in Florida or Alabama?

Abby: Mommy, I think you should take a nap with me in my bed.
Me: Oh Abby, that sounds wonderful.  I would love to snuggle and take a nap with you.  But I've got a few chores I need to take care of during nap time.
Abby: You should forget the chores, just come be lazy with me.

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