Thursday, February 28, 2013

The next step

 In a surprise visit from both his Squadron and Group Commanders at Thomas' soccer game last night, Brian was presented with his new SMSgt stripes and given a ton of congratulations.
Brian talks about so many individuals who have helped him, invested time & effort into him, and who have been mentors to him throughout his life & his career.  And he openly admits that it is those people who helped him get where he is today!
 Along with his Chief, I got the opportunity to punch tack on his new stripes.
This was definitely another proud AF wife moment.
Congratulations, Brian!
Our impromptu celebration tonight involved some yummy & delicious Girl Scout cookies that had just been delivered by our next door neighbor.
I know, I know... we walk on the wild side and really know how to party!
But there is something to be said about it just being the five of us... reflecting on & cherishing this major accomplishment... that brings our priorities into focus & reminds us once again that the decisions we make are all centered around our family. 
 There will most certainly be many opportunities that present themselves in the coming days & weeks for Brian and our family, but for now...
... we know we are blessed & we are just savoring these special moments.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Next CMA Winner

Jason Aldean, Toby Keith & Tim McGraw... ya better watch out!  There's a new stud in town who is gonna be the next CMA winner one day soon!  Making his debut with his first single, My Dreams {which are all of his own lyrics}, introducing Tommy H. with his band, Lil' HeckLures!

Turn up the speakers... and enjoy!

Packing for Paradise

The Gulf Coast Paradise we are getting ready to head back to this coming weekend is calling our names...
... and I'm very much looking forward to doing a lot of this!

But before we can head out of Alaska, the challenge of packing for a family of 5 has to happen.
Let's be real for a second - if it was just me, packing would be a cinch.  One small bag, a purse, some light reading and some iPod music, right?
Things would look a lot like this:
I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that most women & men think about packing for a trip, well... differently.
I've been making a list for a month; Brian keeps asking what day we are leaving.
I started packing for the kids last weekend; Brian will start thinking about packing on Friday night.
I've been planning airplane activities for the kids for weeks; Brian will focus on packing flip-flops & underwear.
Plain and simple... planning, packing & worrying are completely different between women & men.

And let's not even get started on what the kids suitcases would/could/might look like if I left them to their own devices - rest assured, I would never do that.
This is exactly what their bags would resemble:

And then there's the never ending worry that we are going to pack too much.
I'm relieved to know that every where we are staying - beach condo & with family - laundry can be done which will eliminate the need for (hopefully) packing the kitchen sink and thus avoiding us looking like this at the airport next weekend:

Packing for paradise might not always be easy...
but I'm so excited to be vacationing where I don't need to wear snow boots, use my seat warmers in the car or worry about shoveling the driveway & sidewalks before I can leave the house.
Bring on the sun, sand, warm weather and loved ones we have missed!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Stroll: Snowshoeing

With a busy week ahead, a welcomed quiet Sunday it has been.
Nothing says blissful like a stroll through a fresh snowfall... snowshoeing!
Although the girls and I did more wandering and playing in the snow, the boys hiked through several wooded trails on their snowshoes.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday Night Soccer Action

Spectating with Snacks
 Ready, Set, Action
 Feet Rest
 Kick Off
 Keeper Change
 Last Man
 Biggest Fan

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (homestretch edition)

TGIF friends.
  • Every morning for the last week or so, Abby has woken up and gotten dressed in her favorite bathing suit with her cute little crocks and then come upstairs to say good morning.  But instead of saying "good morning," she starts her day with, "I'm ready to fly to Florida, Mom!"  I think its fair to say she is excited.
  • Speaking of vacation, we are down to single digit days, people!  Homestretch, baby!
  • Also speaking of single digit days, decisions will begin to be made about our future in the AF this upcoming week.  It has been an up & down roller coaster this month with factors to consider & opportunities that are knocking (and ones that aren't).
  • I think it's pretty well decided that we have 2 southpaws & 1 righty... Marilyn is odd man out.  Of course, I have no idea where Thomas & Abby got their "left-handedness" from.
  • Marilyn is becoming quite the Chatty Cathy - repeating so, so many words that you say.
  • I'm not a fan of fundraising activities that schools put out.  That's probably putting it a little too lightly... I actually loath them.  It must have been all that fundraising over the years that I had to do as a Head HS Soccer Coach.  With that said, I've lost major points with my kindergartner (and am certainly NOT winning the Mom O' the Year Award) because I threw away forgot about the fundraiser paperwork despite some very cool prizes that he really wanted to get.  Aughhhh!  In my apology to him this morning, I had to promise we would do it next year when he is in 1st grade.  I'm already dreading it.
  • I failed to mention in last week's FNL that in addition to doggies, Marilyn also has an addiction to babies.  All babies.  Giggling, crying, eating, sleeping, crawling, etc.  She wants to watch them and be with them.  She has even insisted on watching "baby" videos on our iPhones or on the computer.  Its out of control.  It's a shame she won't ever be a big sister.  Maybe she can have some baby cousins soon (wink, wink Aunt Jen)?
Have a great weekend!  Get out and enjoy the weather - be it snow, beach or somewhere in between!