Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daily Question

Daily Question of the day in Thomas' class today: 

Q: Would you fly an Air Force jet?  Why or Why not?

A: Yes, because Daddy is in the Air Force and he is my hero and he bonks aliens on the head.

And there you have it... the new recruitment motto for the military:
"Forget about the Taliban, join so you can help get the aliens."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This is how the Heck Family says goodbye to their house...
a Pizza Picnic for dinner!
 Because the house was pretty bare, Daddy got creative with our plates - cut out pieces of cardboard box.
Notice the leatherman tool that Daddy used to not only cut pizza, but also the box.
 And because there was no juice drinks for the kids, we resorted to pulling out an unopened bottle of Sparkling White Grape Juice (from bottom of fridge) and used cups from Thomas' 1st birthday.  Ha-ha!!
The kids (and parents) loved it.
The youngest Hecks

Big Girl stuff

These are sure fire signs that Abbigail is growing up...

#1 - Just started sleeping in a "big girl bed" at Grannie's house this week

#2 - Our personalized growth chart on the garage wall shows some serious growth over the last year.
(Abby on left and Thomas on right)

#3 - (no photo) Abby tells us when she has a wet diaper and then proceeds to take her diaper off herself; she tells us when she goes poop in her diaper and then she insists on immediately being cleaned up.  The girl is soooooooooo ready to be potty trained... I just don't know that Mommy is ready to tackle that amongst all the moving craziness.  Soon enough Abby - I promise!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Truthful Tuesday - Teeth Doctor edition

We are in the midst of day #2 pack out.  So far so good.  The moving guys are aiming to have our house empty by the close of business today.  Time will tell.  Empty house updates will follow tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I thought I would make today's blog entry a Truthful Tuesday edition... about the teeth doctor that I had to visit this morning.  Teeth doctor is what Thomas calls the dentist.  My appointment was a routine cleaning appointment.  Truthfully (hence the blog entry), I wasn't worried about cavities at all.  Instead, it was a different kind of dread.
Just as I have admitted to HATING going to the doctor when I'm ill, I too HATE to go to the dentist even for routine cleanings.  Not sure if it is because it seems inconvenient or more so because I know I'm going to get some kind of lecture from the dentist about my brushing habits.  I admit, I have bad habits.  Wait... that didn't sound the way I wanted it to.  I have poor brushing habits in the way of I brush my teeth way too hard.  My dental hygienist jokes with me and says that I seem to be trying to scrub the white enamel right off my teeth.  I admit, I grab the tooth brush with all my might and I scrub.  Furthermore, I scrub back and forth (like I was taught as a kid), when in fact I guess I'm supposed to be "gently" brushing in circles.  So for the record... I've been brushing wrong for about 35+ years.

All of my forceful cleaning has resulted in very inflamed gums that have started to deteriorate.  Additionally, I've never been a fan of flossing.  I guess mainly because it too seems so inconvenient and I hate holding a mile long string in my hands and trying to maneuver in my mouth.  So.... in the past, I have rarely flossed.  However, recently I have been flossing more often because of a new little invention (or maybe it has been around for a while but I've just started using them) - the little teeth pick with floss on one end.  They are quite convenient and apparently doing my teeth some good because there is less redness & bleeding when the visit is all said and done with.
Long story short... I always get some kind of lecture at the end of my dentist visit.  Don't get me wrong, I welcome the advise and the proper instructions that I should be following for the sake of my mouth's health... however, if possible, I would probably avoid this doctor too if I could just as I do any physician.  But I do remind myself that I need to set a good (and probably better example) for my three little ones at home and how they should take good care of their teeth.  OK... I guess I will take one for the team and keep trying to be a better brusher and flosser.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Have truck, will move

The morning started early for Brian and me.  Once the kids were off to school, we were in "GO" mode!  Believe it or not, it is a lot of work getting ready for a team of packers & movers to "invade" your house with the intention of emptying your house in just 2 days.  But I must say... Brian & me make a pretty good team...we survived day one.
 One of my favorite baby items that helped make the day go smoothly was my Baby Bjorn.  The movers called it my "kangaroo pouch."  Just pop the baby in and within moments, the subtle movements and swaying have lulled sweet Marilyn to sleep, all the while giving me hands free movement to take care of our never ending to-do list.  Can you see how tucked and cozy she is?
My other lifelines are Marilyn's NUK and of course, my phone.
NUK = instant ability to calm baby.
My phone = calls, email, texting, Internet.
How do people survive with out them?
I mean both of them - NUK and phone?
The inspector

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Take Five

With all the packing, cleaning out and prepping of things in the house for the movers to arrive tomorrow... we all needed a break - kids included.  God knows you can't keep them cooped up in the house too long or they go nuts, the fighting begins along with the whining which of course leads to Mommy & Daddy going insane.  So what better way to get some fresh air (even if it is down right hot air) and burn off some energy but to "Take Five" and go to the water park (which is the best free activity in our town for the kids)!

 Marilyn just slept in the shade on the picnic table through all the fun.
After getting soaked and thoroughly refreshed at the water park, we headed across the street to one of our favorite little joints for lunch - TC's Front Porch and enjoyed the steamed peel & eat shrimp, the Fried Shrimp basket and popcorn shrimp for the kids.  Can you tell our family loves shrimp?  What are we going to do when we get to Alaska and want some fresh Gulf Fried Shrimp with some sweet tea?  Not to mention enjoy the outdoor eatery like this one.

 I had to include this picture. 
Abby loves the napkin dispenser at this restaurant.
She loves the fact that she can pull as many napkins as she wants (and use them all).
She is in sheer delight that they seem to be never ending.
I thought about buying one for our kitchen table but then quickly realized the "waste" factor that would come with this purchase + Abby.
In the late afternoon and after nap time, we decided we needed once again to enjoy some Florida sunshine so we headed over to Grannie & Grandpop's house for some pool fun.  As of tomorrow, our new temporary residence will be at their house for 2 weeks (and then we will spend time at Nana's house).  We are certainly looking forward to this fun each and everyday... just walking out our backdoor with bathing suit on and sunscreen applied.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers (Doctors, Packing, Evaluation, & 1 month Version)

Hi Friday!  Hi Folks!
  • I don't particularly like going to the doctor's office for myself.  You could actually say that I would prefer to take a stick in the eye.  Seriously... unless I'm on death's doorstep, I would rather not.  So imagine how painful it was to bring 3 children (2 of them being the patients for checkups) to the pediatrician's office today... which lasted 2 freak'in hours long.  Aughhhh.  PAINFUL for Mommy.  And to make it worse, Thomas & Marilyn both needed shots.  Not the best way to spend a Friday morning.
  • The packing has begun.  The checklist is long.  Officially though there will be boxes everywhere beginning on Monday morning when the moving truck arrives.  It's been 5 years since we had to do any type of packing and moving... as you can guess... there is a lot of purging and cleaning out of crap necessary.  The upside to all of the moving madness will be a "cleansed" feeling.  Hopefully.
  • Abby's word list is limited.  It has been this way for quite sometime.  Our pediatrician told us today that she would like Abby to be referred to a speech therapist for evaluation when we arrive in Anchorage.  I think deep down I knew that this was forthcoming.
  • On a related Abby note... the NUK is practically gone.  They are only used at naptime and bedtime and even then... she usually ends up putting them on the edge of her dresser and not using them.  Yeah for Abbigail!!!! 
  • I did a final cleanout of my classroom yesterday.  We are meeting Brian up at school today with the truck to pick up all of the boxes.  This is very bittersweet.  Even though I have done this packout before and even though I know we will be back eventually, it is still sad to say goodbye.  Not so much to my room, but rather to my dear girlfriends that I teach with (and who have been a constant source of support through everything) and the memories from my students over the years.
  • It's wierd to think that someone else is going to be living in our house for the next 3 years.
  • I've said this before - it's wierd to think that when we return, the kids will be 7, 5, and 3 years old respectively.  Wow... Marilyn will be 3?  I just gave birth to her.
  • Speaking of... Happy 1-month birthday Marilyn!
  • I'm so tired of saying, "Keep your hands to yourself!, Are your listening ears on?, Take turns with that toy!, No pinching/hitting/pushing PLEASE!"
  • On most days, I can get Marilyn down for a nap at the same time as the others are sleeping.  Can I tell you how heavenly it is to have a quiet house all to myself?  It's blissful.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Packing challenge

Not sure if you are aware of my packing challenge we are faced with?  Let me give you a brief explanation:
Florida July/August average temperatures:
Lows - 74
Highs - 91

Now look at what I need to consider as I am packing our suitcases for our move to Alaska in the same month:
 Yes... you read that correctly.
Alaska July/August average temperatures:
Lows - 50
Highs - 65
That is indeed an enormous temperature gap.  Quite the packing challenge if I do say so myself.  It quickly occured to me that I need to pack clothes that we may need even through September... just in case we are not moved out of temperary housing and have yet to get our household goods.  Heck, September gets down to a chilly 40 degrees which means LOTS of warm clothes are necessary.  Again - quite the packing challenge indeed.
However, I'm happy to report that I have gone through both Thomas and Abby's things and washed and packed their "cold" weather clothes ready to be used as we get into those much chillier areas up north along the way and once we are settled in Alaska.  Marilyn shouldn't be too much of a problem... we dress her in layers anyways.
Another reminder for me is to keep in mind how much sunlight we will be getting in the first few months we are settling in.  To my amazement, August and September still have quite a bit of daylight hours however, that quickly drops off as we move through the autumn months and into the winter ones.  Obviously, black out curtains and shades are a must (for the abundance of sunlight in summer) and light & cool colored items around the house (to offset the lack of sunlight in winter).

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A few of my favorites

Thank you to my dear friend Kim who acted as unofficial photographer at Thomas' birthday party the other weekend; she just sent over her enormous collection of pictures and I thought I would share some of my favorites from that day.

I think what was so special about this day is that so many friends and family joined us, not just for a birthday party but also to meet our newest addition, Marilyn, and in many cases to say goodbye as we get ready to leave town.  Thank you again to everyone who made it what it was... and of course Kim for all of the fabulous pictures!

Officially summer

Although we have been doing this for what seems months now, it is officially summer today and the pool babies in our family LOVE the water.  I'm starting to think that we have birthed children that have gills.

 We had our own little "Redneck Riveria" going on last weekend in the backyard.
I wonder if its going to even be warm enough in Alaska on the hottest day to do this in our new backyard?  I wonder if we should pack up the pool and bring it with us?  I mean... do they even sell those things up in Alaska?
 This is an essential, daily, never-ending item used in our house.
Will we need this in Alaska?
 It may be small, but the kids love it.

 I had to make sure baby girl was in on the pool action (while she slept and had a wonderful breeze blowing across her).