Thursday, February 28, 2013

The next step

 In a surprise visit from both his Squadron and Group Commanders at Thomas' soccer game last night, Brian was presented with his new SMSgt stripes and given a ton of congratulations.
Brian talks about so many individuals who have helped him, invested time & effort into him, and who have been mentors to him throughout his life & his career.  And he openly admits that it is those people who helped him get where he is today!
 Along with his Chief, I got the opportunity to punch tack on his new stripes.
This was definitely another proud AF wife moment.
Congratulations, Brian!
Our impromptu celebration tonight involved some yummy & delicious Girl Scout cookies that had just been delivered by our next door neighbor.
I know, I know... we walk on the wild side and really know how to party!
But there is something to be said about it just being the five of us... reflecting on & cherishing this major accomplishment... that brings our priorities into focus & reminds us once again that the decisions we make are all centered around our family. 
 There will most certainly be many opportunities that present themselves in the coming days & weeks for Brian and our family, but for now...
... we know we are blessed & we are just savoring these special moments.

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