Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kindergarten milestones

We are now past the 100-days mark of the school year and it is very clear to both Brian and I that Thomas really enjoys school.  He likes loves the social aspect.  He is quick to tell us that PE, recess and lunch are his favorite part of the day {I think that is a standard, ingrained answer for all kindergartners}, but he then openly admits that he enjoys the computer lab, reading with his teacher and doing math.

This last week we attended the 2nd and final teacher conference of the year with his teacher.  Although I have known in my gut that Thomas has met the necessary milestones for kindergartners already, I was thrilled to hear it from his teacher and how "exceptional" she thought he was.  Even as an educator myself, having someone who works so closely with your child day in & day out tell you what a joy he is to have in class and how well he is doing is... well... heart-warming.  Reading scores are well above average, he is rock'in the addition and subtraction, telling time on the clock seems to be a breeze for him as is counting money! 

I know I speak for both Brian and I when I say how proud we are of Thomas in everything he works hard at.  Although he is quite the Motor-Mouth (seriously, some days its nonstop), Thomas is such a smart, caring, generous and fun little boy.  We love you, bud!

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