Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (daylight & cooties edition)

  • We are up to 9+ hours of daylight and loving it!  Can I get an Amen?
  • The cooties are still in our house but I'm trying to Lysol them to death.
  • It's a snowy kind of weekend already... started snowing last night and hasn't stopped.  Here's hoping for lots of sledding & snowman building!  This should also make the dog sled rides on Sunday extra beautiful!
  • Marilyn has a new fascination with dogs.  She can hear one bark from a mile away while she is indoors & with ear plugs in {OK, a little exaggerated there}.  She stops everything she is doing or saying and goes running to the nearest window.  She wants to wave hi and get their attention.  I'm thinking the girl will want a dog of her own before she even turns 2.
  • Although I do a pretty good job with keeping the kids' clothes sorted, sized, and seasonally appropriate in their closets... doing it for myself is an entirely different story.  I've decided that I have too many clothes just sitting and taking up valuable closet real estate that are hardly never worn.  Bonus?  I'm going to take all the clothes to a local consignment store next week and get cash on the spot.  That will then justify me buying this Mama a few things for our FL vacation.
  • I'm convinced my hubby is the leading expert on how to sell & buy anything he wants on his favorite sites: eBay, Alaska List, 907 Big Boys Toys, JBER Man Cave and JBER Hunting & Fishing.  The man can find the biggest scams & walk away with the most incredible deals.
  • I'm pretty excited about the thought of running outside while we are home in Florida.  Of course, then I thought of all the things I want to eat & drink while we are there on vacation and I realized I might have to run Every. Single. Day.  Oh well, totally worth it.
Have a great Friday and get out and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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