Sunday, February 17, 2013

Powered by Doggies

We took advantage today of the balmy 27* degrees here in Anchorage and took the kids back up to Hillberg Lake & Ski Area to enjoy a dog sled ride across the frozen lake.  Just like last year, it was pretty amazing.  But this time around, Marilyn was big enough to join us and take in the excitement too!
 Despite popular belief, these powerful pups are not huge at all.  Matter of fact, they are no more than 40-50 lbs each.  And boy do they LOVE to run!

 From the moment their owner & trainers get them out of their crates, they are barking and jumping and ready to go!  Running & pulling is not only what they are trained to do, but what they live for!
 The teams travel trailer

 Getting in line and watching the action

 This little guy was watching the action too - he was probably a little bummed out that all his brothers and sisters were running with the sled and he had to wait for the 2nd half of the afternoon to get his go at it!
 You can see the lead dogs jumping and ready to pull. 
They were just waiting for the green light to take off and just mush.
 Someone else was a little anxious also!
 Making sure everyone was zipped up and covered up.
Believe it or not, the wind really picks up out across the lake and little mouths, noses and cheeks get down right chilly while you ride!
 The boys went first!
 And the girls followed after!
Bringing it home after a quiet ride across the lake.
It's pretty crazy that the dogs are barking and going crazy up until the moment they are told to go - then it is absolutely silent other than the sound of doggy paws running through the snow & the sled following right behind. 

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