Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back Then and Now

Just for fun. 
Just to see what our lives were like back then before we knew each other.
Just to see how we have grown. 
Just to see how we fit together and how a snapshoot of life looks now.
Just because...

Age: 24
Relationship: Um... casually dating (but "rarely" is probably a better description)
Lived in: Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Worked: 2nd year high school history teacher and Head Girls Soccer Coach
Feared: I'd be mistaken for a high school student for the rest of my teaching career.
Drove: 1995 Honda Civic Coupe

Now: 38
Relationship: Happily married 8.5 years to the man I fell in love with on the first night we met
Live in: Alaska
Work: Teacher on hiatus/Aspiring School Administrator/Mommy
Fear: My heart will be stuck in the classroom {teaching} even though I've crossed over to the "dark side" of Administration.
Drive: VW Routon Minivan

Brian (in his own words):
Age: 24
Relationship: married to "practice wife"
Lived in: Navarre, FL
Worked: SRA in Air Force - Structural Journeyman in CE
Feared: not being successful at a new squadron 
Drove: 1991 Eagle Talon AWD Turbo

Now: 39
Relationship: married to "the One"
Live in: Alaska
Work: MSgt in Air Force, Superintendent of Unaccompanied Housing in CE
Fear: Retirement
Drive: Ford Excursion

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