Monday, February 11, 2013

More Winter Fun: Hillberg Skiing

As I sit here this afternoon looking outside at the fresh layer of snow that fell last night and how beautiful Alaska is - I'm reminded that so many Americans will never live or visit here to experience one of Mother Nature's best kept secrets.  For that, I thank Uncle Sam and the Air Force for giving us this opportunity over the last year and a half.
Speaking of snow, Thomas & Abby enjoyed some new winter fun this weekend... skiing.
The kids took lessons at the same ski area that we went tubing a few weeks back - the Hillberg Ski Area and the ski conditions were super!
Are those pint-size skiis not the cutest thing you have ever seen?
Heading out to the slopes
Abby caught on very quickly (it must be a girl thing)!
Wanting to go always go Mach 3, Thomas got a little frustrated with all the "practicing" and learning of the basics.  I think he thought he would be on the ski lift and heading down the black diamond hills on his first day out.  After awhile though, he settled down and started to enjoy just learning the basics!
A natural.

The two instructors, Ms. Kim & Ms. Claire, were outstanding with the kids!


Thomas & Abby are already asking if they can go skiing next weekend - I'd call that success and a great thing!  I love when my kids want to do anything outdoors & when they think its fun!

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