Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (SuperBowl & Taxes edition)

  • I've recently become annoyed with the fact that I only have placemats in sets of 4.  I guess I bought all these before Marilyn came along.  Time for new {and more} placemats.
  • Abby just started saying the word "weird" and it is perfectly adorable how she pronounces it.  Every.  Syllable.  I Love it.
  • When Marilyn says, "Oh, Tay!"... it melts my heart.
  • Hoping to get taxes done this SuperBowl weekend - if the Ravens don't pull it off in the big game, at least the Hecks will hopefully score big.
  • Marilyn has been walking up the stairs {while holding the railing} all by herself this week.  I believe we have turned a corner, people.  One more thing that shows us she isn't our tiny baby anymore.  Oh.  My.
  • The kids love their grandparents.  All of them.  And out of curiosity the other day, Thomas asked about both Brian's and my grandparents.  He was asking their names, how old they were/are, if they had already died, what they were like, where they live/lived, etc.  The conversation got confusing for him and difficult for me when I had to explain that one of his great-grandparents actually now lives in the same Florida town we are from but that she chooses not to have a relationship with any of us.  Wasn't prepared for that at all.
  • It is too cute when Thomas is getting ready to go to the bus stop and he says goodbye to his sisters - "Bye, Girls {blows kisses}! Have a great day with Mom!" He acts like he's heading out the door to work or something.
  • With that said, I was informed that Thomas has it better than my hubby. He comes home,  his woman {Mommy} loves him, cooks for him, lays his clothes out for the next day, makes his lunch, and I won't nag at him when he goes to bed early. Life is good for Thomas.
  • As of this weekend, we will be up to almost 8 hours of daylight!  Can I get an Amen?  Yep... we are gaining about 5 minutes of Mr. Sun each and everyday at this point.
  • I'm still having dreams about me laying on the beautiful white sand beaches with my snow boots on.  But last night I also was wearing a scarf and gloves with my bikini in my dream.  What is this dream really trying to tell me?  My thoughts?  Either 1) I wasn't meant to wear a bikini anymore after having 3 children OR 2) it is most definitely time to visit FL because the snow and ice has now gotten to me!

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