Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Fun: Tubing & Sledding at Hillberg

 The Hecks ventured up to Hillberg Ski Area today (on base and only 20 minutes from the house) to do some tubing and sledding on the slopes for the first time since living up here in Alaska.
Can you tell this Floridaboy-turned-Snowboy is having a good time?
 The boys heading up for their first run...
 ... which, unfortunately, started with Thomas' misstep and him having to run up about 1/3 of the hill in order to catch Brian who was holding onto his tube.  Brian and I both couldn't help but chuckle as Thomas hustled and then finally jumped onto the safety of his tube.
Hooked up & heading up the hillside...
Here is Thomas' historical first tubing run!
 Unfortunately, we thought Abby would be allowed to go tubing but there was a 42" height requirement. Once we got up on the hill though and saw how it was all set up, we're thinking we are buying her a ticket next time. She loves sledding & although she has to go in her own tube, we would be holding onto her anyways.  We know she will love it!
Luckily, we brought one of the sleds so Brian and I took turns on the tubing hill with Thomas and taking the girls over to the sledding area.  See... smiles from the girls too!  Bottom line was we all had a good time. Who knew tubing would be so much fun!
Here's some sledding from Abby
And as expected, after enjoying the slopes for awhile and then a snack in the chalet, all 3 troopers were fast asleep on the way home!
I would call this a successful adventure today for sure! 
 Next winter fun adventure will most certainly be ski lessons for both Thomas & Abby up here at Hillberg.  With 1-on-1 lessons for the kids starting at age 3, both of them should be able to learn the basics & hopefully hit the slopes this season with Mommy (Daddy would much rather prefer snowboarding)!

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Danifred said...

What an awesome day for everyone. I LOVE tubing :)