Sunday, August 29, 2010

Still our baby girl?

Abbers was having some Daddy time yesterday afternoon out on the back patio. Who said she is too young to know what she is looking for in the fishing catelogs?
Looking at Abby here (who isn't even 13 months old) has me asking myself "is she still our baby girl?" I think about all the milestones she has hit recently and what she able to do now:
  • No more bottles - not even the night time one. She usually drinks her (whole) milk in her sippy cup on & off after dinner up until the time we get ready for bed. I can't believe how easy bedtime is with her, especially with out the good 'old 6oz bottle. Man is she a different baby than Thomas.
  • 1 nap per day (at school). Yeap... my little one only takes one nap a day during the middle of the week. It's a good one too - 2.5 hours. However, on the weekend we are all about the naps (for all of us), so she still takes a 45 minute morning one and then goes down again after lunch at the same time Thomas does.
  • Whole milk and all table food all the way. No buying any more baby food or formula... thank goodness for that savings. Although, I have to admit that I still buy some of the baby/toddler snacks. I guess I'm not ready to let go of that yet... she is still our baby, right?
  • More recently when we have gone out to dinner at a restaurant, Abby has been eating some of Thomas' dinner (from the children's menu). However, the girl has been eating so much that I'm afraid that she is going to have to start getting her own meal soon. I need to start checking out the places that offer "Kids Eat Free" nights. My goodness is she growing up.
  • Oh, one more big-girl thing that she does each night... she helps Daddy feed Ziggy after dinner. She carries the bowl into the garage to get the food and can even carry the filled bowl about 1/2 way to the patio door. She loves to go out with Daddy and watch Daddy do the "clap" that tells Ziggy he can eat now. Check out the video clip below:

Push play below:

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