Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunny side to Rain

We have been inundated by rain this last week. It has been so much rain that only one day this past week at school did the kids get outside for recess (outdoor play). The wet stuff has been so pleniful that I have noticed small (and in some cases big) mushrooms growing in places of our yard - clearly there is TOO much rain. Our sprinkler system could stand to have a 2 week vacation because of how wet the ground is. OK... enough is enough of the wet stuff.

However, where there is rain (no pun intended), there is also sunshine. Maybe not the real stuff, but there is certainly always a sunny side to the rain. Thomas and I took advantage of it this morning when we decided to head outdoors and brave the drizzle.
Our nature walk quickly turned into something else once the large puddles came into sight...
A Puddle Jump'in Fest!

We both had a great time!
The jumping continued all the way home as we came up on each lake-sized puddle. This boy was soaked from inside-out.

The entire time I kept thinking to myself two things: 1) I love spending 1-on-1 time with Thomas and watching him light up with all of his discoveries he makes; 2) how much I miss my time with the kids in the middle of the week with all the hustle & bustle of commuting and work. I certainly wanted to cherish the time, savor his squeels & giggles and mark this down as yet another morning with my 3-year old little boy that was absolute fun, fun, fun! Too much rain... I guess that just isn't possible.

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