Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today's birthday... and past ones too!

The birthday girl and her big brother helping her handle all of the presents today. Speaking of presents - I took Thomas to the store this week so that he could pick out & buy a present for Abby from just him. After getting past the fact that he was not getting to buy himself anything, he was so excited that he was deciding what she would get to open. First, we had to pick a bday card. He opted (after about 10 minutes in the card isle) for a card that played music - Madagascar, "I like to move it, move it" was his pick! Figures. He loves that movie. His present pick - a play vacuum. He insisted because neither of them had one and he thought they could then help me & Daddy clean the house. Huh... how considerate of him! On the serious side though - I'm hoping it was a teachable moment and Brian & me can teach him to think of others and give to others (that is no small feat when you are talking about a 3 year old). I'm proud of him though... he did good thinking of his sister and he is a very good big brother.
Here is a glimpse of Grandpop & Abby today playing after we enjoyed cake & presents.
I stumbled on this old picture of Grandpop & Thomas from his 1st birthday (June 2008). I don't know about you, but it is obvious to me that Thomas is a MUCH bigger 1 year old than Abby is. Just look at those chunky cheeks on him.
Abbigail loved all of her little personal-sized birthday cake today - pink frosting and all! Notice the red "Special" plate that both her cake and Thomas' cake is on in the following picture (family tradition).
Thomas (June 2008) eating his 1st birthday cake - and enjoying every bite!
Happy 1st Birthday Abbigail.
Live, Love and Laugh everyday of your life.
We love you so much ~
Mommy, Daddy & Thomas

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