Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New hair, New Do

OHHHHHH, did I need a new look. Those of you who know me (especially the ones who have known me since I was 16 years old), will agree whole-heartedly. I have looked the SAME since then. I know... isn't that sad? My hair routine has long consisted of wash, towel kinda-dry and then twist & put up in a clip. That's it. I have become sooooooo low maintenance that it is really NO-maintenance. On the off & rare chance that I did blow dry my hair and wear it down, it just was annoying and bothersome. Not to mention, when my husband encourages the change that I've been thinking about for awhile - it's like getting the soft push I needed to step out of the box. The "hair" box I've been in for far too long.

After asking some good friends who they go to for their hair, I realized that most of my gals at school all trust one such lady to their hair. So, I was quickly convinced that "their gal" would become my gal. Someone I could trust to chop off 6+ inches of my hair, all the while giving me a new look. I was open to a new haircut. Completely.

The results are something that I really like. Really, really like.

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Danifred said...

VERY cute, Momma! Love it!!!!