Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I feel stuck because there are days I want to blog, share, tell, post pics, and write my personal thoughts about our life.
But there are days that what I have to say... really have to say... will elicit too many emails, phone calls, comments from friends, family and loved ones with alarming & concerning questions. Not because something awful has happened, but simply because of what I am thinking, going through and dealing with. Basically "LIFE". My life is wonderful, but just like everyone, I have up hill battles, bad days, and emotions that run rampant in my head.
I guess those are the times when I wish that I could just click on a "no responses necessary" button next to a blog entry so my words & thoughts could be just that... my words & thoughts. Sometimes I don't want to have to answer for how I feel & what I think. Period.
I know that people care and want to feel connected, but I have to remind myself (and others) for sanity reasons that this blog is one of my biggest outlets... and sometimes I just need to let things out.

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Danifred said...

... and then I comment...
I do know exactly how you feel. Once I was blogging for a while, I got to the point where I just wanted to document what I was feeling without the repercussions, so I did two things. I created a "private" blog that is not visible to most of my family and friends (although I have let ALMOST anyone in who asks). Mostly, I just vent there (lots about my mom and work). Sometimes, I also click the little button that turns the comments off for a post. It's my way of saying exactly what you just said- sometimes I just need to vent, with no response necessary!