Saturday, August 7, 2010

My "Little Me"

If you have ever seen my hubby & my son (in person or in pictures... even on this blog), you know that Thomas is a spitting image of his Daddy. I love seeing them together & laugh at how similar they really are. There were times when a small part of me was upset that I birthed a baby that looked so little like me. But... all hope is not lost... Abbigail has come along! Take a peek at just how similar this little girl looks to her Mommy (when she was the same age). Same nose, same mouth, blonde hair... she is my "little me."

Abby - August 2010
Me - September 1975
Abby's 1st birthday (August 2010)
Mommy's 1st birthday (September 1975)
Abby & Mommy - August 2010
Mommy & her Mommy (Nana) - September 1975


Danifred said...

Love that you compared these sets of pictures. She is definitely looking like you!!!

kady said...

That is so cute I love this!