Saturday, August 7, 2010

P-A-R-T-Y girl!

For so many different reasons - these are my favorite pictures (+ the ones I have posted earlier today) from Abby's birthday party today.

Thomas picked out the present he wanted to give her; he helped wrap it and even personalized the card he chose. This present is completely given with love.
Mommy & the birthday girl
Thanks Aunt Jenn (Brian's sister) for the birthday outfit...
... even though Abby is struggling to fit into many of her size 12 months clothes. Poor girl is still pretty petit. Mommy even tried to rig it with a safety pin... no such luck... she still looks like a gangsta!

Thomas enjoying himself some birthday cake
Daddy whispering sweet things to his baby girl today!
Mommy & her baby sister, Aunt JenAbby getting some loves from Mommy & Daddy!

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