Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let the training (officially) begin!

The countdown has begun. Well, technically it began last week but I decided to delay it a week because of my workload & being completely out of motivation due to PMS. So, THIS is the offical week the training for the Pensacola 1/2 Marathon begins. There are 11 weeks until race day and I've got a schedule that I'm going to do my best to follow. Basic plan is 3 short runs in the middle of the week (M, W, F) and a long run on Saturday. My MWF runs will range in distance from 3 - 5 miles and my long runs will start at 4 miles and work up to 10 miles. Yes, the race is actually 13.1 miles, but there really isn't a reason per say to run that distance. Your body will be used to the rigor, challenge and constant increase in milage by that point, so squeeking out an extra 3 miles will not be overwhelming to the body.... at least this is what the experts say. I'll get back to you on that as I move through the weeks of running.
This weeks schedule is:

Monday - 3.5 miles
Wednesday - 3.5 miles
Friday - 3.5 miles
Saturday - 4 miles (LONG)
As I have been anticipating this week and frankly adjusting my mindset to what it was throughout the summer when I religiously & anxiously got up at 4:30am to go on my run 3x per week, I have give some thought as to why I run. Here are my 3 top reasons and i've decided that I'm posting them next to my running schedule so I can make sure I read them each and every day as a mental reminder, especially the weeks that prove especially tough - mentally tough that is.

1) Because after it is all done, I know that I accomplished something for just me today.

2) Because I live for my kids and my husband, and running will help me be healthier & live that much longer so I can spend it with them.

3) Because I got rid of all of my “big” clothes, so I need to maintain my body for the smaller clothes that I now have.  So much for eating, drinking & being merry... only if you balance it out with some good old sweat sessions too.

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