Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Relaxing Weekend Away

Between busy days, busy nights and busy weekends - I guess I have let my blogging slip over the course of the last week or so. My very good friend Kendra (who lives half way around the world in Japan) called me out that I'm slipping and she needs some Heck Updates this week. So... here you go Kendra & all my loyal followers.

This past weekend we joined up with some friends who had invited us to the tiny town of Steinhatchee (along the big bend of FL; about 85 miles southeast of Tallahasee) where it is known as the Natural Coast. The name is fitting because it is NOT built up at all; fishing & scallopping is just about all there is to do there (which Brian wasn't complaining about at all); the condo we stayed at had a great pool which we all got a chance to enjoy. So... it was a very relaxing weekend away where neither Brian or I felt like we had to do anything (mow the lawn, clean the house, fix this, or fix that)... we just hung out.

Here is just a few shots of my our two lovebugs being sweet with each other:

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