Sunday, August 1, 2010

Once my girls, always my girls...

Last Saturday night, Brian and I attended the wedding reception of one of my former players, Laura Y-K and her new hubby, Jacob. Talk about making you feel old. Well, that isn't entirely true. What I felt is sentimental, proud, motherly, and so excited for the new couple as well as several of my other players who were a part of my team from 1999-2003. Of my 7 years as Head Coach at Choctaw, these girls were the core of our program. I've never been closer to a set of players in all of my coaching years. These girls (who are now young women) challenged me as a coach & teacher, but made me a better person. They helped me learn much more about myself through our teams' trials & tribulations, successes & wins, ups & downs, both on and off the field. But the bonus is they are hilarious and the most sincere young ladies ever. I can only hope that I influenced each of them as they did to me. Once my girls, always my girls... even if they are married, getting married or just pursuing life after being a member of my favorite team.
L to R: Sheila, Laura (bride), me (aka: Coach Sulli), and Krystin
We had an opportunity to really catch up with Krystin as we enjoyed the reception outside on the water at Bay Cafe.
By cake time, Brian & Krystin were silling & goofy and ready to have a good time!
Good night as we celebrated the love of Laura & Jacob and got to catch up with my coaching days past.

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