Friday, February 28, 2014

Something to call her own

For the last few weeks, Brian and I have noticed that Marilyn has seemed a bit "off."
She is more clingy.  She is more defiant.  She is more argumentative with all of us.
Of course, this sounds a lot like the Terrible Twos.
Thankfully, Marilyn really hasn't been plagued by that "TT" bug this year.
Instead, we think this is something different.
What we're chalking this change up to is that she has nothing to call her own.
Nothing at all that SHE gets to go to so it's all about her.
Instead, as #3, she gets dragged to everything that Thomas & Abby are each involved in...
Soccer, basketball, speech sessions, preschool, gymnastics, and even parent/teacher conferences.
Just shy of 3-years old, she doesn't meet the age requirement to be involved with most classes.
I've thought about lying about her age, but really...where will that get us?
The other factor that I've struggled with is how the heck to add yet another activity into our already overloaded schedule?
I'm happy to report that with some careful considerations & aligning our current activity schedule with opportunities... I've signed Marilyn up for her first gymnastic class and she is over the moon with excitement.
Next week is a big week for our pint-size gymnast... pictures & a recap will certainly follow.
I'm so looking forward to her having something to call her own!

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