Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kids say the darnest things

The situation - Brian got recalled to work today (Sunday) due to a base-wide training/exercise. 
Abby: It's so darn it that Daddy had to go to work today.
Me: Did you say 'darn it' Abby?
Abby: Yes, it's a real bummer that he isn't here.

The situation - We have an entire cart full of stuff at Target, most of which we had not intended on buying.
Brian: We are done... let's head to the cash register with all this crap.
Abby: Yeah, let's go pay for all our crap.
{Mommy shoots Daddy the death look}
Brian: That wasn't very nice of me to say Abby, let's not say "crap" anymore.
Abby: Why?  What's crap anyway?
Brian: No, seriously Abby... let's not say that word.
{of course everyone knows what follows now}
Abby: CRAP!  CRAP!  CRAP!  We got a lot of CRAP!

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