Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What the little Hecks say

Thomas: What are TUMS for?
Me: They are kind of like medicine... in case you have heartburn or your tummy hurts after eating.  It helps make those things go away.
Thomas: Does it also help with the farts?  Especially the stinky ones.

{As we are eating a roasting chicken dinner the other night}
Abby: What are those things that we eat sometimes for dinner that are yellow and we put those yellow holder-things in on each end?
Me: Do you mean corn on the cob?
Abby: Yes!  Are chicken bones the same thing as corn on the cob?
Thomas: No, No.  If they were, we would call them "chicken cobs."

{As Brian is flipping the channels on the TV.  He paused long enough to check out the previews of an upcoming TV movie}
Marilyn: Wait!  Can you go back to that movie?  I want to see it.
Brian: Um, no!  You can watch that movie once you are thirty.
Marilyn: Once I'm dirty?
Brian: No, Mae... I said "once you are thirty." 
Marilyn: Mommy, why is Daddy saying that I have to be dirty in order to watch the movie?
Me:  Dirty...Thirty... it's all close enough for me.

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