Friday, February 7, 2014

The Help(er)

Abby loves to help out.  It is just part of her personality.  She enjoys being next to you, lending a hand, and helping to complete any to-do list of things that must be done. 

If you're in the kitchen, she insists on helping to make the coffee; getting dinner prepped? She is all about counting, washing, scooping pouring and stirring something; time to empty the dishwasher?  The girl will have everything removed and placed in piles on the counter before you can even blink.  Abby loves to help.

If you're in the laundry room, she insists on carrying the hangers, helping fold or hang all the clean clothes, sorting the dirty clothes into appropriate piles to wash, matching the socks, tossing the clothes into the washer machine, returning the baskets to their rightful bedrooms, & putting away clothes in their appropriate place - and not just her own clothes.  Abby loves to help.

If you're cleaning the house, she insists on being the wiper after you squirt the cleaner, carrying the small garbage bags down to the front door, helping change out the linens - sheets & towels, making the beds, sweeping the hard floors, & moving the chairs so the carpet can be vacuumed.  Have I mentioned that Abby loves to help?

Do you see what I'm talking about?  She really is a huge helper.  And every time she offers her help, we make sure to tell her "thank you" and how much we appreciate what she did to help out.  She also has the cutest stinkin' little response too... "no problem, Mom!"  From time to time, Daddy or I tuck a few extra dollars into her wallet just because she takes so much initiative to help out.

Now with all of this said, sometimes the help(er) becomes a bit too much.  Sometimes I just want to get something done quickly, or without several steps, correct the first time, or even do something without conversation.  Yes, I admit that.  I'm a terrible Mommy - sometimes I just want to get something done that doesn't involve talking about it or explaining it.  I realize that I'm not winning any Mommy of the Year Awards admitting something like that.  But... it's just true sometimes.  Or how about this... When I'm getting out of the shower and she wants to help dry me off.  "Nope - I got this by myself Abbigail."  Or when I'm going to the bathroom and she some how thinks I need help with the toilet paper or to pull my pants up.  "Nope - I got this by myself Abbigail." From time to time, I have to draw the line and tell her that I need to do somethings myself. 

OH, the joys of motherhood when you are blessed with a true helper who wants in on everything that is going on.  Although she is almost always underfoot and in my back pocket, I'm so glad that Abbigail is the one that I can depend on for help anytime, anywhere.

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