Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Morning at home

For whatever reason, most Saturdays and Sundays we never seem to just sleep in, play in our PJs for hours, do some light house cleaning, eat a late breakfast and just enjoy lots of sweet (and loud) moments.  Instead, everything always seems to be a bit more rushed.  Not this morning... we got to enjoy a lazy Saturday morning complete with lots of sillies, snuggles, dancing and downright loud moments.  Loved it.
Someone got to catch up on some Lego shows on the iPad.
The girls escaped to the kitchen where they pretended to be passengers on an airplane while Daddy vacuumed the upstairs.

Marilyn turned on some dance tunes and her Abby jammed out in her bedroom - complete with Princess dresses and attitudes!

More Lego building...
And then out of the blue, people started to get silly.  Downright silly.

And if sassy princesses weren't enough, we had a local veterinarian, Dr. Marilyn, stop by and make sure everyone was healthy and well. 

Loved all of my moments with my loves this morning.

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