Sunday, February 2, 2014

The locals visit our neighborhood

I arrived home one day this past week to find these two locals hanging out in the front yard...
 ... as well as Daddy & the gang taking a peek out the front door.
 With our recent Spring "meltdown" these guys must have wanted to check out the berry supply that we have on our trees.
 Another great view of them all leaving through the backyard area.
 Tonight, the girls & I were returning from the store when we stumbled upon this guy at our neighborhood entrance.  At first glance, he was just people watching. 
But then he headed right up to our car and appeared to check us out.
 The girls thought it was hilarious as he walked behind us.

 And just like that... he headed across the street to check out some other fine folks.
I don't care how many times I get to see Moose - it never gets old to see these amazing creatures.

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