Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thomas' Dance auditions

It was just weeks ago that we found out about the Talent Show auditions from Thomas, and he has been counting down every. last. day until he could show off his dancing to the judges.  Although he initially wanted to do some disco dancing (despite not quite knowing what that really was), he eventually changed his mind & just wanted to use one of his songs that he enjoys listening and dancing to regularly.

By early afternoon I was really starting to become a Nervous Nelly as I thought about the auditions that would be happening in just a few short hours.  And wouldn't you know, Thomas was cool as a cucumber up until the minute he walked into the art room that had been converted to the audition room.  Thankfully the judges table included several familiar faces to him as well as his teacher, Ms. Mahoney, who was in the room for moral support & cheers!  In true Thomas-style, he wasn't convinced he wanted to work on any set routine to dance to; instead, he just wanted to bust-a-move and let the music flow through his dancing shoes.  He was so adorable to watch dance, even the parts where he hesitated and was visibly thinking through his next dance moves.  We are all so proud of him... especially for the fearless attitude to want to get up and just dance in front of a group of judges.

Whether he makes the cuts and gets pushed through to the Big Talent Show Night at the end of the month or not, it was so fun to see him in his element...

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