Monday, February 3, 2014

My last baby

My conversation with Marilyn this weekend while we were playing with her baby dolls in her room.

M: Am I your baby?
Me: You sure are sweetie. 
M: But I'm not a baby any more - I don't wear diapers or drink from a bottle.
Me: You are right, you are my big girl.  But you, and Abby, and Thomas will always be my babies no matter how big you get. 
M: But I'm the youngest baby, right?
Me: Yes you are.
M: Will you have another baby after me, Mommy?
Me: No... no, Marilyn.  You are Mommy & Daddy's last baby.
M: Why?
Me: Well, because when you were born, you completed our family.  We knew you would be our last baby and we would give all of our love to you, Abbigail and Thomas.
M: So there are no more babies?
Me:{With her in my lap, her arms around my neck, and lots of kisses}You are my last baby, Marilyn.

{sigh} Actually saying that aloud to her was a bit hard to swallow.  She is indeed my last baby and she is growing up so fast each day, each week, each month.  I only wish I could slow the hands of time so that I could hold onto the last of the "baby" moments.  My last baby's moments.

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